Suitcase Drumkit

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This instructable shows you how to make a suitcase drum-kit!

After reading this instructable: Build-a-Suitcase-Drum-Set

I decided to make one of my own, because i always wanted to go out on the streets and play or "jam" with other musicians.

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you need

  1. 1 Large Suitcase
  2. Bolts & Nuts .pick a good seize. Not to thin, just to make it durable
  3. Electronic screwdriver
  4. Drill bits
  5. Angled Iron
  6. Bassdrum pedal
  7. Tennis ball
  8. A snare drum
  9. A drum throne (or else you cannot sit behind the kit :)
  10. Some cymbals with stand
  11. Any small additional instrument like a woodblock, cowbell and so on that you can bolt directly to the case.

Step 2: Reinforce the Hinges

I saw on another instructable that the dude reinforces the complete hinge assembly of the suitcase.

Just drill out the poprivet and replace it with a strong bolt & nut

Step 3: Add the Angled Iron for the Bassdrum Pedal.

First screw the angled iron to the pedal. Unfortunately, the gap was to large to hold on firmly.

I filled it up with some small rubber bits. Also because of the rubber, it gets a lot more tighter and firmer as you screw down the bass pedal.

place the whole thing against the suitcase en mark where the holes need ti be. Drill thr holes, put in a couple of heavy duty bolts and screw down tightly.

At the other end of the bass pedal ,as bass beater, i placed a tennisball. Just drill a hole right thru the center of the ball. Don't forget to first place a washer, then the tennisball ( push it al the way thru so you can connect the rod with a bolt and washer)

Step 4: Add More Instruments

At this stage, i added some small instruments like a cowbell and a woodblock.
I happened to have a holder for the cowbell and bolted it to the suitcase.
For the woodblock i used a smal wooden block to attach the woodblock and screwed it al together to the case.
Next to the suitcase I setup mij hi-hat with an extension arm for a small splash cymbal.

On the other side is a small cymbal stand for the ride cymbal. Maybe later i will attach a small tom or tambourine

Perhaps i will find a small tom on a local second hand marketplace, the dutch version of craigslist (, ebay, or if someone has one laying around, let me know!

Step 5: Setup the Kit

Set it up anywhere you like and play!

Now you have a small but fun to play drum-kit, every thing fits in the case, except the drum throne and the cymbals. With one hand you can pull the suitcase, with one hand you can hold the drum throne, and the cymbals go in a bag with a shoulder strap.

I hope in time, i will make some movies and show it to you live in action



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