Summer 2k14 Memories Jar

Introduction: Summer 2k14 Memories Jar

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't made an instructable In a long time! I hope you enjoy this(:

Step 1: Materials

•mason jar
•mini post-it's

Step 2: Drawing Outline

Get a size on how big the top of the mason jar is. I recommend bending the paper down over the jar to have its exact outline. Then just draw the outline out.

Step 3: Cutting It

We have to put in a slot, to be able to put memories in it. So cut a little slot! And then cut around the edges. Then it will fit perfectly onto the top of the jar!

Step 4: Taping/glueing

You can either tape of glue it, but I think that glue holds it better, so I will glue it.

Step 5: The Title

You have to have a title right?
So grab another piece of paper (I'm using a notecard) and write "summer 2k14 memories" on it~ or something like that. Once you wrote that you can cut off any access paper. Now we can glue/tape it onto the jar.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Now you can take little post-it notes and write your summer memories on it and put it in the jar!

Thanks, for looking at this instructable!
Aqua 12 (:



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    Love it!! Check your PM's on the site. I messaged you

    Thanks! I hope(:

    ( didn't mean to post 2 times!)

    Cute! I might make this sometime!

    Cute! I might make this sometime!

    Thank you!

    It looks really nice! An introduction to what it is and why it's important to you would be wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share it!