Summer Board

Introduction: Summer Board

This bright, bubbly board is a great time filler to do in summer 
and kids will enjoy it as well. Looks awesome and is an easy
project to do.

Step 1: Heres the List:

A Magazine (of any theme)
Glue (Glue Sticks work best)
A Thick piece of cardboard (I used the back of my diary planner
which was a bound book)

Step 2: Pictures, Words..........Whatever!

Cut pictures and letters out to make words and stick on your board.
You can Stick on borders and a theme title and even draw pictures your self!

Step 3: Finished!

Yay you're finished! Find a good place to display and enjoy!
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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea

    I have made it and it looks awesome! I stuck it on my wall everybody comes in and says how cool it is. Please post more of these!