Summer Coffee Beverage

Introduction: Summer Coffee Beverage

I find it hard to go a day without at least one cup of coffee, some call it a caffeine addiction, but really I just love coffee.  Anyways, sometimes I need a little refreshment with my caffeine that regular coffee just can't provide.  I was experimenting with my Aeropress one day when I came up with this recipe for a great summer coffee drink.  It's quite tasty, if I do say so myself, and refreshing to boot.

What you'll need:

Coffee maker (I use an aeropress)
Ice cubes (I use plastic ice cubes to prevent watering down my coffee)
4-5 oz. of water
Sparkling water (perrier, san pellegrino, etc)
Sugar (optional)
and your favorite mug

Step 1:

While you wait for the water to boil, throw some ice cubes into your mug.  I use these plastic ice cubes, you can get them at your local supermarket, because they don't water down the coffee.  

Spoiler alert: we are going to add sparkling water to the coffee, because of this we want to brew it to be very strong, so use about twice the ratio of coffee to water as you normally would.
Since we're only brewing about 4 oz of coffee, I use the same amount of coffee that I would normally use for an 8 oz cup.

If you're using an AeroPress, like I did, brew the coffee for a little longer than you usually would and at a slightly higher temperature to prevent under-extraction.  If you're using a standard drip coffee maker, don't worry about any of that snobbery.

Step 2:

When the coffee has finished brewing, add sugar to taste, pour the coffee over the ice cubes, then top off the mug with sparkling water.  Stir...and enjoy out of your favorite mug.

You can also get this drink at any coffee shop, just get a double shot of espresso over ice and add the sparkling water.

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