Summer Currents Necklace




This light necklace shows off North Carolina ceramic artist Elaine Ray’s Murrini beads by scattering them among thin white leather cord strands. Several of the cord strands have no beads on them at all but they add texture and drama to the necklace.

- 18 assorted Elaine Ray Porcelain Murrini Beads (small lentil, round, pipe, disc)
- 4 yards white leather cording, cut into 12 inch pieces
- 36 silver tube crimps, #4 size
- 7 inches antique silver extender chain, cut into two 3 ½ inch pieces
- 2 antique silver machine caps
- 1 pewter arrowhead toggle
- 6 inches stripe ribbon, 3/16th wide, cut into 4 1 ½ inch pieces

- Chain nose pliers
- Scissors
- 527 glue

Step 1: Put Beads on Leather

Thread a crimp bead, a porcelain bead and a crimp bead onto a piece of leather. Position the three beads approximately 2” from the end of the leather and flatten the crimp beads with your chain nose pliers. Add 2 more beads to the strand, spacing the beads out along the leather. Repeat this, placing 2 or 3 porcelain beads onto leather strands until you have used all the porcelain beads. As you work, pay attention to the strands with beads on them so that you do not repeat the patterns or placement of specific beads.

Step 2: Gather Leather Strands

Gather together the leather strands and use a rubber band approximately 1” from each end to keep the strands tightly bound. Carefully even the ends out, pulling on the leather from the center of the bundle to make the bound ends even.

Step 3: Add Cap

Place a drop of glue inside the machined cap and fit one bundled end of leather inside. Push leather into the cap as far as it will go. If any glue comes out of the cap edges wipe it off quickly. Repeat with the other bundled end of the leather strands. Allow glue to dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: Add Ribbon

Using 1 ½ sections of ribbon, tie the chain sections to the machine caps. Tie the toggle pieces on the ends of the chain with the remaining ribbon sections. Trim any ribbon ends that are too long.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow!! This is GORGEOUS!! I love that it's simple but visually complex. There's a weight to this that I really like! This is so fun, and makes me think of summers at the beach... Love it!