Summer Outfit Ideas :) (mosly for Teenagers :D)

Introduction: Summer Outfit Ideas :) (mosly for Teenagers :D)

Have you ever looked at your closet, dresser, or sometimes in my case the pile of clothes on your floor and gone "What the HECK am I going to wear?!" I do, a lot. Summer has offically started wear I live (and it's HOT, 90's everyday by 9:00 in the morning!) and if it hasn't reached your city, it will soon, haha. In the summer I tend to get lazy and think "Why bother? It's soooooo hot outside and no one I know will even see me!" Ironicly 5 mins after I go anywhere, I see someone I know, haha. So, I hope this gives you some ideas of easy, cute outfits for the hot weather months :)
***sorry about the reallllly crappy photos, I had to take pictures with my phone. I had my camera like 10 mins before I wanted to do this. Then it magically disapeared (it's been one of those days, haha), at the end of taking bad photos with my phone i magically found my camera....these days are going to kill me I swear, haha***

EDIT: Most of the things mentioned in this instructable Ibought with my own money from my own jobs. the other (FEW) things were bought by my parents...

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Step 1: Outfit One :)

This is just a simple outfit :) It involes a floral tanktop, I have 4 examples shown!

Step 2: Outfit Two :)

This is a very simple, it's almost stupid outfit. A plain (or almost plain) tshirt and shorts, but if you pair it with cute sandals or some fun jewelry it won't be quite so plain :)

Step 3: Outfit Three :)

This is a cute outfit to wear to the pool or beach, or water place, haha. It's a short sleeve hoodie, swimsuit, and denim shorts :)

Step 4: Outfit Four :)

All the clothes in this outfit are made of thin fabric (well i mean i guess not the shorts, haha) so i could layer the orange and white shirts without bursting into flames, haha :)

Step 5: Outfit Five :)

This is just a tank top and shorts, but accesories make all the difference :) so be creative :)

Step 6: Outfit Six :)

This is a cool, yet ADORABLE outfit :) It's a detailed tank with a highwaisted skirt :)

Step 7: Outfit Seven :)

This is also a cool, yet cute outfit :)

Step 8: SHOES :)))

These are my go-to summer shoes :)) and my friendship bracelets i've made which are a great summer accesory :))

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks ! I love how all your stuff is totally affordable but looks pretty cute :)