Summer Picks

Introduction: Summer Picks

About: Hey I'm just a normal girl that loves cartoons and all things fun plus I laugh a lot at pointless things and my friends think that I'm crazy!!!!!!!

I hate picking my summer beauty products and I often need help so here's my help to you!!

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Step 1: Lips

I use:
- Palmers cocoa butter dark choc and cherry tint
- Palmers cocoa butter original
- Palmers cocoa butter dark choc and peppermint
- The body shop chocomania lip butter
- The body shop honeymania lip butter
- The body shop strawberry lip butter
- Maybelline new York baby lips pink punch
- Maybelline New York baby lips cherry velvet
- Nivea vanilla and macadamia lip butter
- Nivea original lip butter
- Nivea pure and natural milk and honey lip balm

Step 2: Body

I normally use body butters when I epilate my legs and my arms so I get a smooth finish:
- The body shop mango body butter (50 ml)
- Vaseline cocoa butter body lotion

Step 3: Face and Hands

For my face I use:
- St Ives apricot scrub
- Simple face moisturiser

For my hands I use:
- Puresoft berry hand sanitizer
- I love.... strawberries and cream hand cream

Hope you liked it
Have fun using these xx love you guys

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