Summer Pinwheel Wreath

Introduction: Summer Pinwheel Wreath

I was inspired to make these pinwheels from the tutorial over at Jones Design Company and then decided they needed to be on a wreath!

I had a straw wreath sitting around, so I tore several strips from some navy ticking I had while chatting on the phone and then started hot gluing and wrapping around the form. Sorry there are no making of pics, I was just absently doing this!

After I made the three pinwheels, I glued a button to the middle of each and a straight pin to the backs so I could just poke them into the wreath. That way if I want to change it up, it's simple.

I made diamond shapes out of yellow scrapbook paper, stamped each piece with some distress ink in Antique Linen, stamped the letters for SUMMER with some cute little letter stamps in black ink and then glued each one to a length of twine. It's attached on the back with more glue. Hot glue really is my friend LOL

I glued and pinned a piece of twine for a hanger, and up she went. My husband loves it and we have it in the living room and it brings some cool cheer in on the hot summer days. That sounds so cheesy :)

There you have it, pretty, easy and fun!

Originally posted on my blog: A Room Full of Good Intentions

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