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This instructable aint nothing special - but effect gives me so much pleasure, that I decided to share anway...

As you can see in in the second picture - I live in the big city. In big apartament building.

Summer is here and it is a shame not to enjoy it every day. It is easy to do during the weekends. But what about those nice, warm evenings in the middle of the week? It is nice to read outside - in park etc... But I am lazy... Want something even closer. So when I read myself to sleep - the bed is near....

Therefore one sunday, when it was a time to go back home, I decided to take my favourite part of a holiday house (hammock ;)) with me to the big city.

And here is the result.

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Step 1: Plan

The plan was simple. Drill four holes in the wall to mount hammock and pergola for flowers.

Both pergola holes were easy.

As well as the one for hammock hook. The second one... Not so much... The drill stuck in the wall...

So kids - If you want to try this at home - be sure to check (IN ADVANCE) where the reinforcing bars are running... Fortunatelly I could mount the second part to the balcony rail (they are properly strengthened).

Step 2: Result

And that is it.

I added also a leafy sunshade from IKEA (it allows me to read during the rain too - checked).

And I can enjoy my favourite evening activity - (book + hammock) every day.


Step 3: BONUS

If you want to make your cat even happier (or if you need both hands to hold both - book and beer). Cats CAN pet themselfs.

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