Summer Sewing Project : Beach Towel for Two




Introduction: Summer Sewing Project : Beach Towel for Two

It's summer and therefore: time for the beach!
No more sticky sandy lines between your beachtowels anymore with the Towel for Two!
Easily button up your towels together to get a perfect kingsized towel for 2.
The towels also have a pocket at the top in which you can store your clothes thereby transforming the pocket automatically into a pillow! Also handy to store your belongings in when you are going for a swim and you don't want to keep your valuables exposed!

So if you want to be comfortable, cosy, stylish and sand free this summer: follow the following steps and make your very own towel for two!

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Step 1: What You Need:

2 Towels of 80cm x 160cm
1 Towel large enough to cut 2 pieces of 40cm x 50cm from
Cotton Fabric
9 Larger buttons
4 Smaller buttons
Needle and Thread
Sewing machine

You can use whatever towel size you want, but further measurements given in this tutorial apply to the above measurements.

Step 2: Take Two Beach Towels of the Same Size or Cut Two From a Larger Towel Fabric

cut two towels with a measurement of 80cm cm x 160cm

Step 3: Cut Out Two Smaller Pieces

Cut two pieces from another towel, preferably a different colour than your large beach towels.
These pieces should measure 40cm x 50cm.

TIP: Its easier to draw one out, fold over, pin together and cut 2 in one go! This saves time and you're sure to have two of equal size.

Step 4: Cotton Fabric Strips

Cut a large strip of fabric with a width of 15cm for the larger towels
and a width of 10cm for the smaller ones.

Step 5: Fold and Press

Fold the sides of the strips towards the middle and press

Step 6: Fold Again

Fold over again and iron.

Now you have a nice strip to sew around your beach towels.

Step 7: Add Length

Your strip should be long enough to go around the entire towel in one piece, if your strip is too short to go around your whole towel:

Get two strips, undo the last fold for both and place them on top of eachother with the remaining fold facing outwards...

Step 8: Add Length Step 2

Sew them together along the red line and trim off close to the line

Step 9: Add Length Step 3

Fold back, now you should have a strip long enough to go around the entire towel.

Step 10: Pin

Pin the cotton strips around your towels, make sure to keep the corners nice and neat!

Step 11: Sewing on the Strips

Sew on your cotton strips using a straight stitch.
Remember to always backstitch at the start and the end!

Step 12: You Should Have

You should now have your two large and two small towels all lined with the strips.

Step 13: Buttonholes

Sew 9 buttonholes on 1 of the large towels along the long (160cm) side. 
Mark where you want your buttonholes.
Sew the first buttonhole 7cm away from the top and then add another one every 18cm to evenly divide them along the the whole side.

Make sure to always make your buttonholes 3 to 6mm wider than your button is!

Step 14: Sewing Buttonholes

Every standard sewing machine comes with a buttonhole setting.
Mine in this picture shows the 1-2-3-4 step

1. stitch up
2. stitch across
3. stitch down
4. stitch across

Step 15: Cut

Cut a straight line between the stitches of your buttonhole using an exacto knife or seam ripper.

Step 16: Marking

Align the strip of the towel with the buttonholes evenly over the strip of the other large towel

Step 17: Marking

Now, go with your pencil or chalk through the buttonholes to mark where you need to sew your buttons.

Step 18: Buttons

I advice to use buttons with a little loop on the back as displayed in this picture because you are working with thick fabric.

Hand stitch them on the markings you made in the previous step!

Step 19: More Buttonholes!

Also sew two buttonholes along the 40cm side on both of the smaller towels.
When you keep a ruler (or measuring tape) beside the 40cm side, you can mark a buttonhole at 13cm and one at 27cm to have them evenly divided.

Step 20: Pin Together and Sew On

Now evenly position the smaller towels on the top of the larger towels, pin them in place and sew them on.

Remember to keep the side with the buttonholes open! So you only sew it on on 3 sides!

Don't forget to backstitch at beginning and end!

Step 21: Sew the Small Buttons On

Using needle and thread, sew the smaller buttons onto the towel so that you are able to open and close the pockets which you've sewn on in the previous step!

Step 22: You Are Finished!

Button the two beach towels together and admire your work!

Step 23: Big Enough for Two!

In this picture the towels are separated and i've put some clothes in the pocket (pillow!) on the right! My cats approved of this project!

Happy sewing and have a beautiful summer!

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    13 Discussions

    teh darkcloud

    This is brilliant! I love the pocket pillows idea. I'll have to convince all my friends to make one so that we can have a giant beach towel next time we're all at the beach together.


    9 years ago on Step 23

    I would say your project is a strong competitor in the Summer Sewing Contest! You have a strong Summer theme, its truely a sewing project, its usefulness is obvious and it will (depending on the quality of work) be around for quite some time. Might I suggest placing sand pockets at the bottom corners of each towel. I always have trouble with the wind whipping up the bottom and throwing sand onto the rest of the towel. Great Job!

    Dashing Damo
    Dashing Damo

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Fair play to u. Good job. Wish u the best of luck. Hope U win. Maybe u will make me a nice warm jumper 4 the winter :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Outstanding collection of work you have on display Ase, definitely a winner with the selection, and creative variety of pieces on display.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome!! This is so cool... Definitely got my vote. Frank


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I had no idea you're keen on sewing! :) However, it's one the "bestest" things i've seen! Congratulations!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks everyone for all your kind comments! Really glad you like it! :D xx


    9 years ago on Step 23

    awesome idea! i'm so doing this! thank you for the clear and precise instructions with great pictures. :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! No sand getting in between the two of you! Love the pillow part!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    looks nice! but seems like alot of work haha(: good job though!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice towels, the pocket pillows are a great idea!