Summer Smokey Eye

Introduction: Summer Smokey Eye

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This look is going to be great for going out in the summer. Its so dark and and sexy and the bright lid I feel makes it great for summer.

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Step 1:

First take your sellotape and apply this on the outer corner of your eye up into the brow.

Step 2:

Then with these 3 shade (so three different shades of brown getting darker each shade) you are going to want to blend this into the crease and this is going to give you a transition in the crease and is going to make applying the black easier and give it a smother look.

Step 3:

Then with the black shade I first applied this on the outer corner and winged this out. This can be as messy as you want as you have the sellotape there to help clean it up. You then also want to take the black into the crease and down to the inner lid. Then with a fluffy brush you need to blend this out. this will be a slow process so little is better. You then go in and keep building until you are happy.

Step 4:

Then with my concealer I applied this to the under eyes, chin, nose and forehead and blended this out. Then go in with some setting powder to set everything and prevent it moving or creasing. Then with some bronzer apply this to the cheeks, jawline, hairline and nose.

Step 5:

Then with the black shade apply this to the lower lash line to bring this all together. Then with a black liquid liner apply this to the lash line so that when the lashes are applied they aren't noticeable. Then apply your mascara and lashes.

Step 6:

Then with a white pencil apply this to the waterline to help open up your eyes and also apply a white shadow to the inner corner and with will also open them up.

Step 7:

Then with a nude pink lipstick apply this to your lips and then apply a gloss overtop.

Step 8:

Finally apply highlighter to the highest points of your cheeks and nose to give you a natural glow and then apply a matte beige shade to the brow bone.

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