Summer Special: Ice Gola (Crushed Ice Lolly) at Home




How to make Ice Gola (Crushed Ice Lolly) at home:

Ice Gola is Indian Slush or you can say crushed ice lolly. You can easily make it at home. Enjoy it in this summer season at your home.

you need

1> Ice cubes.

2> Ice cream stick

3> Orange / mango / any sweat syrup.


1> Mixer grinder

2> Small steel glass

3> One teas spoon

4> One small serving bowl/Cup .


Crush the ice cubes using the mixer grinder.

Put the crushed ice and a ice cream stick into the steel glass and press the ice tightly using the spoon.

Gently pull the stick and the ice will come out from the glass in the shape of the glass itself.

Put is in a cup and serve it with orange/mango syrup.

Watch the video for details. Click Here

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    4 years ago

    A super cool idea!