Summer Top Knockoff




Introduction: Summer Top Knockoff

I received a beautiful summer tank top for my birthday. I loved it so much I decide to make my own! (The first pic is the top I received as a gift, second picture of the top Is the one I made).

The orginal store brand tank cost around $38 dollars. I had a few yards of a vintage fabric, I had bought from a thrift store for $2.00. It was a beautiful silky floral print with a cool design along the bottom.

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Step 1: Pattern and Fabric

1. Fold the fabric in half, wrong side facing up.
2. Next, lay the tank top down on top of the fabric. (inside out)
3. cut around the tank, leaving .5 inch seam allowance around the tops sides.
* I folded the sides of the top in and did them in the same pattern but at a different angle. The sides of this top are very long and flowy.
4. I matched the front and back pieces up. * I set the front piece a tad higher than the back piece for a sexy effect.

5. After I cut my pattern out, I had 4 side pieces, a front piece and a back piece.

Step 2: Side Pattern

1. I did the same steps to the sides as I did with the front and back pieces.

2. I made sure that the pattern lined up before cutting. I only had one shot to get it right. ;)

3. I laid the top down like before, but focused on the sides. I cut around the fabric and top. The side pieces look like a trangle.

4.Again, I matched up the sides and trimmed & straightened the pieces to make sure it was the same size.

Step 3: Sewing the Edges

1. choose thread and get your machine ready. * I picked teal.

2. Started sewing the seam around the straps and neckline about .5 inches all the way around. on front and back of each piece.

3. Next, I pinned the left and right sides to the front of the top and then on the back of the top. There are 4 side pieces for this pattern.

4. Sew both right and left sideds onto the front of the tank top and then the same to the back of the tank top.

Step 4: Sewing the Front & Back

1. Sewing the front and back pieces together.

2. Starting at the shoulders, sew the desired length on the straps.

3. Next, pin the sides and sew together.

4. Trim up any lose threads.

Step 5: Knockoff Vs. Store Brand

The first 3 photos are the name brand top.

In the last 3 photos are the knockoff top I made. I left the edges unfinished like the name brand top. my top is very light weight and flows beautiful when I walk!

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