Simple Summer Treat for Dogs, Beat the Heat!





Introduction: Simple Summer Treat for Dogs, Beat the Heat!

It's important for your pups to keep hydrated, especially during the summer. This simple DIY is a perfect to do exactly that, while entertaining them at the same time.

Step 1: Gather Treats and Your Dog's Favourite Toys.

I decided to only use treats since my dogs are not a big fan of toys. You can totally choose whatever you want to put in here.

Tip: baked treats tend to float and, meat treats tend to sink. Use a variety of treats to make sure that all of the treats are not all in one place.

Step 2: Fill Your Bucket With Fresh Water.

Don't fill the bucket all the way to the top because there needs to be room for the treats.

You could also choose to add in chicken broth into the water.

Step 3: Add in the Treats and Freeze.

The freezing process will take quite a while. It took about 12 hours for mine to completely freeze.

Step 4: Check If Frozen.

Flip your bucket upside down outside to reveal the treat block. It may take a while for it to drop out, so be patient.

Step 5: Your Dog Will Love It!

It's great because it's yummy for your pooches and it keeps them occupied at the same time!

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    Use cooking spray before filling. Pops out easier.

    This is really cool! I like to make a smaller variation on this, since my dog has the attention span of an gerbil. When you need to take it out, run it under hot water and it will come out easier.

    1 reply

    It has been really hot here lately and with the temperatures rising, I worry about my dog being dehydrated. I always put out bowls of fresh water in a couple of places around the house, but I know my dog is a first-rate "licker". He would love to have this broth-flavored treat to lick when he enjoys the outdoors - even in the shade under the deck. I will definitely make this instructable. Thanks for sharing and your pups are adorable! ❤️


    2 years ago

    Freeze a layer with treats, add another layer...this way its distributed throughout. Make sure the tongue wont stick

    1 reply

    Great idea, I'll have to try this the next time I do this.

    Love this! This will sound obvious to loving pet owners but not everyone is informed: ice is not a replacement for fresh water 12 months a year for all pets. Ice is a treat! I say this because I had a neighbor who rarely gave her dog water in the winter...only a frozen bowl :( but THIS ice treat for summer is fun and refreshing for puppy! Thanks to you & your pups for sharing!

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