Sumtonian Dremel Grip

Find a suitable Handle or fashionable handle
Take also any strong plastic cap suitable for your dremel and should be easy to make holes on it

Step 1: Now Try Making Hole on the Strong Pastic Cap to Exactly Fit the Dremel Nose.

Take any strong plastic cap suitable for your dremel and make holes to fit your dremel nose exactly enough(with out dremel nose cap).
You have to remove the threaded nose cap of the dremel before hand.

Step 2: Fixing Plastic Cap on Dremel Removing the Dremel Threaded Cap.

Hold your dremel (see picture) to nose load on the plastic from upside
Now tight the nose threaded cap of dremel from below .

Step 3: Fixing Handle on the Plastic Cap Wall Hole(hole on the Cylindercal Portion of the Plastic Cap)

Handle any used or new fashionable handle you have already found to be fixed on this plastic cap as shown in picture using screws or bolt. Done !
Now see picture descriptions and make one to use it for creative works!



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