Sumtonian Drill Station Base




Introduction: Sumtonian Drill Station Base

This project which is very simple.

A piece wood laying around and an old drill handle collar that is all.

Some skill you have already in possession along with your handy drill.

I want every one who is a proud owner of a drill to make it on their own.

In case you are in India and you want it quick and has no time to make it, of course, I have made it available on you have to search for drill stand base see similar photos and check...

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Step 1:

This is simplest project Again.

But Advantages aplenty which i am enjoying in maker projects. ;-)


*Drill Station Base or it is a Drill Stand Horizontal holds your drill in horizontal position.
*You can use it for any Standard Hand Drills

* A Special Drill Handle cum Base since this is a drill handle and also a base stand.

* Place Your Drill Anywhere Safely stable no rolling or tool hurt.

* Even place on Laptop ;-) ..Bed table ... where else ? even on your lap to do small home work !!!

* It Protects the drill from Scratches and rolling

* You can even drill without dismantling this Base handle using as a handle itself.

Drill Holder Or Drill Stand Horizontal see photo

So many advantages to derive still and comments in this regard are most welcome.



With Two of this unit and Make a Drill Lathe very easy and start production of

simple turned wooden product at home !!!

Step 2:

Still Looking for Advantages ???

OK Take here before making one ..

Mount your ordinary hand drill laying idle around on this Stand, horizontal or any degree and use as a grinder, polisher, Wood Turning Lathe etc.,

People polish their shoes (use as simple shoe polisher) with this with proper attachment.

In YouTube we see Even using Drill in Kitchen ! Oh ! That's Creative !!!

A Laptop drill station !!!!! ???

Even as prime mover(driver) !

for driving built driven or gear driven!

Sewing machine or any home equipment a handy power station drive at HOME !!!

I do not know that's your creativity and look out Buddy!

and call it drill clamp ! drill holder ! drill holster ! hand drill station horizontal!

Do make this this simple and hard to find Device yoursef , I strongly recommend.

But of-course a Sumtonian Drill Base Stand ...inherits the name of lab/workshop facility..utilized..

Step 3:

Now and lets start making this gadget.

Take a wooden piece of 2cm thick 22x16cm size see photo of the base(approximately)

Also collect a hand drill collar holder clamp(see photo), suitable to your drill collar, from old drill or from a broken drill.

Draw center line on board parallel to longer side (22cm).

Leave the drill clamp on board such that the center line drawn on board and the drill clamp circle center line align.

Make hole for the drill clamp bolt on the board according to the design of your drill clamp such that the drill clamp circle center line align with the center line on the board.

This is meant to keep center of gravity of the drill almost at the center of the base to keep the stand sable.

When you mount drill tools other than grinding wheel it should extent from the board so that you can drill without dismantling the stand.(See photo)

Make also a holding crescent shape hole on the board to hold with hand.

Make like a saw handle slot for holding comfort

So locate the hole for bolt in advance, bearing in mind all requirement before drilling.

If you want to use circular saws and related attachments or accessories(at your own risk !), you have to increase the height of collar using bigger bolts and extension pipe washers.

In such case extra bolts length should be upwards, because this unit usually used as JIG which should have a smooth base without protrusions.

If you are not from the field and not familiar with rotary tools applications or safety, keep away do not try this and hurt yourself.


Now Mount your drill be free to fly in your own horizon of imagination and creativity.

Best of Luck.

Step 4:

Now see two units wedded into a HOBBY LATHE for Wood Scraps !

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2 Discussions


4 years ago

Thank you TomV4., for the compliments. :-)


4 years ago

Most cordless drills are now designed to stand in a stable manner on the battery as a base. I have a heat gun which is also designed with a flat surface to act as a base. It makes a lot of sense to have certain tools with integral bases.

Good work!