Sun Always-facing Hat


Introduction: Sun Always-facing Hat

I am a 16 years old that loves electronics and especially arduino.

Do you also hate it when the brim of your hat is not always keeping the sun from your face?

Well, then this hat might be something for you. It's brim always follows the sun.

The idea did not came from me, I saw it on Youtube and thought it was really funny, so I tried recreating it.

Inventor: William Osman: --> youtube channel:

video about the hat:

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Step 1: The Parts

For this project you will need:

- An old hat

- Some cardboard

- A hot glue gun (

- M3 nuts and bolds (

- 2 * Makeblock Plate 7*9 (

- 2 * Makeblock plate 1 * 20 (Can't find it, but you could you use anything for this)

- 2 * 9V battery (

- 6 * AA battery (

- AA batteryholder (

- 2 * 9V battery connector (

- 2 * photoresistor (

- 2 * 10k ohm resistor (

- Jumper wires (

- Arduino uno (

- 2H microstep driver (

- Nema 17 stepper motor (

- A shaft connector (

Step 2: The Electronics

Wire up the electronics as shown in the picture above.

Our stepper motor should have a voltage between 12 and 36 volts, so thats why I put 2 9V batteries in series. Ofcourse they won't last long, but this was all I had laying around and I am kinda broke so I did not have the change to buy a better battery.

The photoresitors have to be soldered. Do not use a breadboard, because we are going to glue them onto our cardboard. Make the wires long enough, about 10 cm.

Step 3:

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