Sun Dried Home Made Mini Noodles for Dessert

- I learned this sun dried noodles from my grand mother. We need patience and time for making this noodles as they are hand made.

-These mini size noodles can be used to prepare dessert which is similar to kheer where we add these noodles to milk and cook along with sugar and cardamom powder. Finally we garnish with nuts and raisins.

-We can make these handmade noodle in diffrent shapes and iam showing the basic one.


- 2 tablespoon All purpose flour

- pinch of salt

- water

Step 1: Making Dough

- First we need to prepare dough for making noodles which is very easy.

- Take about 2 tablespoon All purpose flour in bowl and add pinch of salt to it.Add water,half tsp oil and make a soft dough which is just like chapathi dough.

-We are using small quantity of flour because we are making mini size noodles.If you want more quantity you can increase the amount of flour.

Step 2: Making Noodles

-Now take small portion of dough and roll as small balls using fingers.Balls size should be totally small.

-You can also make as small flat discs.

Step 3: Sun Dry Them

-After making noodles we need to sun dry them for 1 to 2 days till they become hard.

-store these noodles in air tight container and use to prepare dessert.



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    3 Discussions

    Nancy JG

    1 year ago

    Is actual sunlight a required component, or are they really just air-dried? Do they need to be turned or shaken during the drying process? Is the resulting product like couscous? Can it be cooked with savory sauces rather than as a dessert? Or boiled in water, drained and topped with butter, salt & pepper?

    1 reply
    navneethaNancy JG

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi nancy.They have to be sundried .sunlight is required for drying.They are like pasta only and can be boiled in water and just like pasta you can add sauce and prepare


    1 year ago

    This looks like a great way to keep young ones busy on a rainy day. (We are enjoying some much needed rain today.)