Sunglasses From Cheap 3D Passive Glasses

Intro: Sunglasses From Cheap 3D Passive Glasses

In five minutes i've created a sunglasses using my household 3d googles. Let's how you can create it!

(If words has been written bad or uncorrectly, tell me in comments, i'm still learnig english :) )

Step 1: Preparation

You will need:

1.Flat screwdriver (unlike you can use your hands)

2. 2 The Samel(!) Pairs of 3D Passive Glasses ( The same as used in side-by-side 3d TV's)

3.Some skill :D

4. Micro Fibre and cup water to clear filters

So let's begin!

Step 2: Disassemble the Glasses

You need to disassemble the glasses, because of the next step. You have to take out the filters from the two pairs and save the one glass frame after you dissasembled it! It will be required. Note: DO NOT USE TOO MUCH FORCE TO TAKE OUT THE FILTERS!!!

Step 3: Lens Preperation

Now you have to put lens/filters that way to get this effect shown on photo. (Many kinds of these of glasses have different polarization of filters, so i don't give you a instruction - you have to do it for your own)

Step 4: Assemble IT!

You have to take the lens gently and put it to frame using your skill! You can't fail this! Then close the frame gently!

Step 5: DONE!!!

Congratualtions!!! You Made your amazing sunglasses from 3d googles. On a picture is shown effect of lens.

Step 6: Additional : Upgrades

1.Metalic frame

2. Other color of frame

3. Colors of filters shown on pictures



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    1 year ago

    Good project, well written Instructable. I like it.


    1 year ago

    This is great! Thanks for sharing!