Sun Goddess Crown / Headband

Introduction: Sun Goddess Crown / Headband

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Super easy, inexpensive project with big impact and wow factor. Great for cosplay and adding pow to a costume.

Step 1: Materials

Plastic headband

Zip ties

Metallic spray paint or

metallic acrylic paint and brush

Step 2: Lay Out Zip Ties to Create a Pattern for Your Crown

You can use zip ties of all equal length or a variety of sizes to create dimension.

Step 3: Zip the Zip Ties Onto Headband

I started the center and worked my way down each side evenly until done.

Step 4: Paint

Paint one side, allow to dry. Flip over and paint other side. Allow to dry.

Step 5: Wear With Head Held High!


Step 6: Bonus!!!

Can also be worn as a necklace, two ways!

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    16 Discussions

    I never would have thought of this, it's low-cost, low fuss and most importantly, incredibly pretty!!

    1 reply

    14 days ago

    Super....and here I thought it was a bbq sticks

    1 reply

    This is way easier I think. No glue needed. =)

    Very Glam! Plus , it defends your personal space, haha. Did you also make that cute reversible ribbon collar your're wearing?

    3 replies

    Yes I did! Observant eye! It's tulle and diamond mesh. However, I'm not wearing it. Check my profile pic. =)

    Everything about this is stunning, and both DIYs are super clever. I'm about to steal this entire outfit.

    Yay! Comment with a pic of your finished project!!


    23 days ago

    I guess it looks nice but wouldn't everybody around you need to ware safety glasses?

    1 reply

    Not at all, it sits up and away on the head and your shoulders help distance anyone from any possible harm. The plastic also bends and isn't rigid.