Sun Powered Engraver




Introduction: Sun Powered Engraver

With this engraver you can engrave materials like wood and cardboard with nothing more than the sun.
I made this device, which cost me about 5 euro, to create engravings without the use of an expensive laser machine.
With just a magnifying glass and a few tricks I am able to make detailed engravings such as logos.

All you need for this instruction:
- a magnifying glass
- some wood
- pvc pipe 5/8"
- 2 pipe clamps
- 2 wire clamps
- 2 screws m2
- 2 screws m2,5
and of cource enough sun!!!

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Step 1: Making the Stand

At first we need a solid stand for the magnifying glass to pivot.

- Cut the pvc pipe to lenght
- Create a plate with a hole for the pvc pipe
- Make a plate to attach the clamps, use the screws instead of the nails to fasten
- Connect the parts and attach the magnifying glass

Step 2: Making the Bed

This wooden plate is the bed where you put your material on to engrave.

- Get yourself a wooden plate
- Make some feet and glue them to the plate
- Use a nail from the clamps to make a pin and attach it to the center of the plate
  Let the pin stick out for about 3mm (no more than the thickness of the feet)

Step 3: Making Shapes

Now you have to make a solid shape of whatever you want to engrave.
You can use a positive or negative shape. Or maybe both.

I used wood and made the shapes with a dremel, file and sandpaper.
You can also use foamboard or whatever to make shapes quicker.

Step 4: Engrave

When you have completed the previous steps its time to take your engraver outside.
Stick your magnifying glass stand and form to a solid base and stick the material you want to engrave to the bed.

You can now follow the shape with the pin in the bed and make your perfect smooth engraving!

I haven't actually finished this step because of the weather.
I will update this last step with some of my own work when the sun starts to shine!

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    This is brilliant!Very creative as well!Rated 5*
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