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Introduction: Sun Tea

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In this instructable I will show you how to make possibly, best tea ever.

Step 1: Preparation

Supplies needed to make Sun Tea:

  • Sun
  • 4 Red Rose tea bags
  • 2 Constant Comment tea bags
  • Ziploc bag or plastic wrap, big enough to cover opening
  • Rubber band
  • Something to stir the tea
  • Approx. 3L pitcher
  • Glass jug, mine is an old pickle jar
  • Approx. 10 tbsp of sugar

Step 2: Putting Most of It Together

First, get 4 tea bags of Red Rose, and 2 of Constant Comment, and cut the strings off. Second, fill up the jar/jug with water and put the tea bags in, next cover the top with plastic wrap, or a Ziploc bag and put a rubber band around, sealing up top. and finally put it outside in sun.

If it is like 95 degrees or above leave outside for at least 3 hours, below 85-95 degrees, leave it outside most of the day. my dad sometimes puts it out in the morning before he goes to work so its done by the time I get back from school, or he gets back from work.

Step 3: Finishing

I totally forgot about this step, add 9-11 tbsp of sugar, *optional* add honey, squeezed oranges, etc.

Step 4: When Its Done

Pour the tea into a pitcher and grab a iced mug out of the freezer and enjoy



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    SUN TEA MAKER - I have been making brewing perfecting and drinking SUN TEA for over 10 years now. The Slow simmer of tea leaves releases the delicate tea oils not destroyed in boiling a tea. And please do not forget. Drinking Sun tea is also drinking SOLAR CHARGED water. When you eat food you are consuming sun energy. When you eat meat your body is processing the food the animal ate ( vegetables ) which grew from sun and processed its food via photosynthesis, and even more directly from eating vegetables. I don't brew tea on cloudy days and the clean glass is always smoking hot when done. Its great and gives you delicious refreshing solar charged energy. Enjoy!

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    Just a heads up that this is a breeding ground for bacteria so don't for get to boil the tea after its finished in the sun. lukewarm water+ undisturbed environment+ bacteria = Bad times for the drinker

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    Hi, I've had a similar spicy drink (sun baked, never boiled, not before, not after), & am still around, as are hundreds of others who had it. Nobody ever got sick 'coz of it either. This time I'll try it with tea. Will let u know if I... whatever happens.

    if your afraid to drink this so-called death-ridden liquid, then dont. its as simple as just saying no to drugs. <---we had a motivational speaker at my school today, i think it rubbed off....

    All the countless millions of now-dead people who have been making/drinking this (ever since ancient people forgot to record who invented this way of making tea) most definitely died! Maybe there is something to the breeding of the bacteria!

    I hear the same thing has happened to all dead people who drank unpasturized apple cider also. They definitely died. Must be a link!


    Seriously, I am sure this is a breeding ground for bacteria. But, I am of the opinion (please note that word) that whatever might breed, it would be harmless. Otherwise my great grandparents/grandparents/parents/sister/brother/myself would have gotten sick from it a long time ago. I have never heard of any bad reports from this method.

    As Doctor What shared - if you know you have a bad system, then take the proper precautions.

    It's not like you can get flesh eating bacteria from it. But if you have a bad immune system, or just a germ-o-phobe, you might want to boil it.

    Oh, they'll be fine. People have been making tea this way for years. It's classic Sun Tea.

    I drank this pretty much all throughout my childhood and never got sick. Scratch that, I always got sick, but never in a way that was traced back to tea. FYI this isn't exactly a brilliant idea, but 9 times out of ten its not likely to hurt you. Just use common sense, clean containers, and clean water. Give it an extremely good look when its finished to make sure you don't see anything "slimy" on the surface. Also make 100% certain you do this in full sun, UV acts as a sterilizer for most of the bacterial spores found in first world water sources.

    I like to differ with different flavors, just mix and combine to find your favorite

    Add room temperature water, b/c when you put it outside in the sun, the sun will heat it up a bit. When its done, put into the fridge.

    I've been drinking it since I was born, If you find it dangerous to drink, then don't, and keep it to yourself.

    hmm, interesting. i will have to try this some time, but with real tea, not the horrible dust you get in the bags....

    I just did it in a gallon sized water jug with English "PG Tips" tea and a sliced up orange. Tastes great and you can always cap it off instead of using a plastic bag.