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Introduction: Sun Visor for Your GPS

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I always use my Garmin Nuvi for out-of-town trips, but during really sunny days (which is common here in the Philippines) I can barely make out the screen. I need to cup my hand over the unit just to see it. So I decided to make a visor to be able to see the screen and keep both my hands on the wheel.

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Step 1: The Stuff I Used

I didn't really want to spend much so I looked around the house what I had I could use and I put together the following;

1. A Plastic Folder
2. A Craft Cutter or anything you could use as a blade
3. Scissors
4. Pencil and Ruler

you'll also need some Super Glue and scrap paper that we'll use to cut out the template, I used an old flyer I found lying around the house.

and of course the Garmin unit :D

Step 2: Make a Template

Since I had only one plastic folder, making a mistake wasn't really an option, so I marked out the possible design using some scrap paper first.

1. Place the unit on the paper and mark out where you'll be folding
2. Also mark the excess, which we'll be cutting off later
3. the visor is about the same length as the height of the unit, dunno if thats a right way of doing it but hey it worked for me :D

Step 3: Transfer the Template to the Plastic Folder

After making sure that the template fits transfer it to the plastic folder to cut it out. Being me, I measured every time I was going to make a cut, remember I just had one shot at this  so might as well be sure before cutting.

I scored the fold lines with the back of the cutter blade so I can fold them easier.

UPDATE: This isn't the final design, I eventually cut-out another one with a "bar" of plastic where the holder was to go, this serves to hold the visor in place when I lock in the unit to the cradle on the windshield.

Then just used some Super Glue to side the sides to the top of the visor, let it dry

Step 4: Access Holes

I worked fine as it was but to "fine-tune" the design I cut out the part where the power button is and the charging port, this meant I didn't have to remove it to power off or to charge in the cradle.

Step 5: Final Assembly

So after that its just a matter of putting everything together and making sure nothing snags or is obstructive.

I'll eventually paint this black maybe but as it is, it works well to block out the sun and I can see my screen all throughout the drive.

Hope this helps fellow road travelers and GPS users like me.


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5 Discussions


4 years ago on Step 5

thanks so much, very useful!


7 years ago on Step 3

Can you post an updated photo of the final cut?

many thanks for the instructable. im getting my first nuvi in a few weeks and will make this as soon as it arrives.


Reply 7 years ago on Step 3

Not a problem, gimme a few minutes and I'll upload a template for you guys, though be reminded that GPS sizes are different, my Garmin is a Nuvi 1250 with a 3.5" screen so it really depends on your unit


7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks Instructables for featuring me for the second time :D, glad to help everyone :D


7 years ago on Introduction

Great idea, I've been planning to do something like this for my GPS. Thanks for sharing!