Introduction: SunBlockers

Materials Required
1st:Measurements of whatever window that the SunBlocker will be used in.
  2nd:  1 inch (2.5 cm) thick slice of Styrofoam Board Insulation
    3rd:Material and means to attach cover to Board
  4th:   (Optional) Area of Rolled CorkBoard that fits one side of board
  5th:   (Optional) Stencil Cutouts and Means of using them

As a gamer there is nothing worse than trying to immerseyourself into a virtual landscape yet being unable to because of that huge explosion that's for ever been circlingus at millions of miles an hour, just so happens to be causing you screen glare.  So in order to combat this problem, I have devised an easy solution that is not only easy to make, but is also inexpensive and will save you money in the long run, first by keeping your abode warm and cosy in the winter by trapping heat, and cool and brisk in the summer by repelling it, much like the insulation that its composed of is supposed to do. It can also be easily customized because all it really is is nothing more than a blank canvas yearning for you to cover it in your artistic juices

The next few steps will show you how to construct a SunBlocker, invented by yours truly and guaranteed to eliminate the frustration caused by sun glare, and just to make your gaming that much more enjoyable

Lets begin shall we

Step 1: Obtaining Measurements

You will be needing the dimensions of the window in question, so you're going to need a measurement of the inset area where the SunBlocker will eventually be placed to insure the utmostproper alignment.

I would also suggest drawing a simplesketch and labeling the sides with the right measures.

   »  Tape Measure
   »  Pen and Pad
   »  Dimensions of Window Frame

Step 2: The Basics

The insulation can be found at most large hardware stores and what you're looking for is insulation in the board type that's about 1 inch thick or thick enough to fill the depth of the window. But if you're on budget the Styrofoam can probably can be found from leftover insulation jobs, so talk to people. But if this leads to no avail most large hardware stores do sell them, only there sold in large sheets.  But you could always use the extra to make some gifts or SunBlock the rest of your dwelling.

Fitting the Styrofoam sheet to size can be quite finicky so use some caution, I used an Exacto Knife cutting along the side of a straight edge to obtain nice precise cuts.

   »  Styrofoam Board Insulation ($8.00-$19.99)
   »  Tape Measure
   »  Metal Ruler and/or Cutting Edge
   »  Pen ( For Marking Where To Cut )

Step 3: Wrapping the Package

This part defines what you and your company will have to gaze at long as you own your SunBlock, so some taste and thought ought to be used in deciding upon what exactly that might be,  but you're probably going to be wanting a cover for your SunBlocker, because frankly Styrofoam board isn't really asceticallypleasing, so therefore your best bet would be to use a bed sheet or any large fabric covering, and it really only needs to be as big as the side that will be facing you and you can use your own digression on what the outside world will see.

For mine I used some old bedsheets that I had that not only looked decent but also cover both sides as well.

How to attach the sheet to the board is a fairly simple process though I would recommend not using glue, spray or otherwise at least on the side that the sun shines on, because when the sun connects with the board the glue will melt and stink up the place. I would rather recommend using staples, at least for the edges and the side that no one is going to see.
You can see the attached images if you like to see an easy diagram of how to cut the fabric so it attaches fairly easy to the board. Atrick that I would highly suggest  is that you want the fabric on the back side to stick out on one of the corners so it makes it easier to remove once its set in the window, this too is also shown in the attach files.

   »  Old Bedsheets, Construction Paper, Spray Paint, Shag.
   »  Staples, Glue, Needle and Thread, Ingenuity

Step 4: Upgrades

The previous sets were the bear minimum but if you wanted to take it even further you can do many things.
First if you'd like you could add a cork board on the side that will be facing you, underneath the fabric so you not only have a way to keep glare out, temperature constant, and nosy neighbors frustrated, but you also have a fully functioning cork board for all of your pin up desires. This works better than just the foam insulation but the foam insulation does still work just not as well.
Secondly you have a canvas that just begs to be covered in your inspiration

   »  Styrofoam holds pins and tacks just fine but CorkBoard holds them better.

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