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Introduction: SunDial Cannon

Sundial Cannon's where used in the past as a novel way of announcing noontime with a loud noise. It is essentially a sundial with a place for the small cannon or firecracker to light by using a magnifying glass. Thanks to miniature cannons being on sale  on Ebay you can also make your own.

Please use it responsibly and safely. 

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Step 1: Gather the Parts Needed

One paver kit - $20(bought on sale 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby)

One Mini Cannon - $50 -

One "Helping Hand with Magnifier - amazon($10 with shipping)

Old credit card

Sundial Template (search sundial generator)

Paint or Markers

optional(spray paint to protect "Helping Hand" from rusting outside)

Also scissors and a small wrench 

Step 2: Modify the "Helping Hand"

Take apart the "Helping Hand" with the wrench and rearrange it with only the bar, base, and magnifier.

Please use the pictures to guide you.

While it is apart you may want to spray paint the metal to prevent rusting.

Step 3: Layout the Stuff

Cut Out the Sundial and look at what is included with your paver kit.

This paver kit allows for pictures to be added along with premade letters.

After I arranged the main parts, I concentrated on the compass.

I used the included letters to mark the different directions and added the design to the middle. 

Step 4: The Mix

Use an old container to mix and follow the directions(head any warnings on the package about dust). 

Very important to have the base for the magnifier in the mold where you want it.

Pore it gently and work it around and smooth the top.

While wet add decoration, may let it set some before scratching lines.

I added the compass design.

Step 5: The Gnomon

I cut the triangle from a expired card and left a large tab to stick into the WET mix (very important)!

I cut some small tabs to mark how deep it needs to go into the mix.

I used the cut out dial and poked a hole through where the triangle goes.

This will mess you your surface up some and may need to be redone.

Step 6: Finishing Up

After the mix dries, trace out your sundial. Instead of paint I used Permanent Markers and it turns out okay. I may paint it later.

I tested the Magnifier Glass before i put it together with a smoke bomb and made a mess of it from the smoke. 
So NO smoke bombs.

Never Put a BB in the Cannon. Never stand in front of the cannon. 

Please use common sense when using.

FireCrackers are a good substitute for the cannon.

Step 7: Testing

The first picture is later in the day and shows the correct time.

When testing fuses, I had some trouble using a thinner fuse.

The thinner fuses seemed to just smoke and not properly light.

I had some smoke bombs with a thicker fuse that would fit just right into the cannon.

I tested this at about 1PM which is a bit late, but close enough to work.

Fine tuning the position was some trouble, the focus of the glass was a bit long for the metal arm.

When i got it just right, it went off perfectly. TIP(use a short fuse, part of it fell off and stained the stone.)  

It worked great, the part of the fuse inside of the cannon flew out of the barrel for about five feet!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    haha! i have a "my panera" member card sitting right next to my computer (i found mine in a parking lot, though.) and when i saw your picture there was a moment of "why does that card look so familiar?".

    great 'ible, i'm definitely willing to try this... but i don't think my neighbors will like me, if i do.