Introduction: Tantoo

Step 1: Cutting Your Graphic Onto Your Vinyl

If you happen to have a vinyl cutter you can just send over your graphic from adobe illustrator.
If you don't happen to be so privileged you can draw out your graphic on your vinyl with a sharpie and then cut gently with an x-acto so the backing stays intact. I use a number 16 but I'm sure the typical 11 would also work.
I got a 10yd roll of white vinyl form signwarehouse.com (http://www.signwarehouse.com/c-VAVA4O1510.html) I'm not an expert in the different types of vinyl but this stuff works for me.

Step 2: Weed

Now you need to weed out all of the pieces where you want sun screen to be sprayed (white skin). I weed with the same #16 x-acto blade that I cut with. I pluck the edged of the piece I'm trying to get out in order to lift it up. I then pull the rest of the piece up by hand. You need to be careful not to pull up surrounding pieces because they usually don't just come apart without a fight.

If you're hoping to have the actual graphic part burn then you should remove all the vinyl around what you drew. (example below)

If you're hard core like my friend you can remove the graphic so that everything else burns leaving a white image. (see step 4-10)

Step 3: Application Tape

I use RTape clear conform high tack. I think that a lower tack would be better for applicaton to skin so that the vinyl has a chance to adhere without getting lifted up.
place your application tape sticky side up and then put your weeded vinyl sticker face down on top. Press from the center out evenly so that there are no air bubbles. Finally cut excess tape off.
Now you're ready to apply your vinyl sticker.

(The sticker shown is the type you'll want to use if you're trying to maintain a healthy body without skin cancer. The type shown later in this instructable is the painful inverse of this. )

Step 4: Apply the Stencil

Now apply to your canvas. Press firmly so the vinyl properly adheres to the skin.

WARNING: By spraying the graphic itself instead of the area around it, all your skin will burn leaving you incredibly uncomfortable with the risk of skin cancer. Please do the inverse of this shown in the previous step.

Step 5: Peel Away

Peel away the application tape. Be careful not to lift any of the vinyl or tear it when removing the application tape. I use hard tack which makes the process a little difficult. The vinyl sticks best if the skin it's on is freshly washed and dried without oils or sweat.

Step 6: Cover Up

Make sure the surrounding area is covered. I tore pieces of my application tape and extra vinyl from the sticker. This is much like spray painting.

If you're doing the opposite type of burn which only burns the graphic part you don't have to worry about covering up

Step 7: Spray

Grab your beastly sunscreen. I use 70 SPF Neutrogena because it's not as greasy. Spray lightly so that the stencil does not get flooded and bleed under. Apply several applications for safety.

Step 8: Remove the Vinyl

Remove the vinyl being careful not to get any of the sunscreen which accumulated on the vinyl on the skin which was not supposed to be sprayed.
When you're done you should see a slight reflection where the sunscreen was sprayed.

Step 9: Wait and Sleep on It

I'm not sure how long skin takes to burn. My friend just went shirtless all day and hoped for the best.
If you don't see a satisfactory image by the end of the day don't be discouraged. My friend was completely disappointed only to see the top part of the 09 by the end of the day.

Step 10: Amazing

you should have a relatively detailed image on who ever you applied the graphic to. Just be aware that what my friend did hurts like no other and is known in the state of California to cause cancer. I strongly urge you to do the inverse of what I have shown simply by weeding the border of the graphic. My friend is in severe pain right now and has a blister the size of a 50 cent piece named Amadeus.



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    80 Discussions

    "known to the state of California to cause cancer" what doesn't cause cancer there?

    An ex-gf put a bit of food coloring in sunblock and used a small paint brush to apply a flower design on her sister who wanted an unusual tan. Maybe this will be an alternative for some of us. As I personally just burn and peel, I just use a design free complete block.

    I kinda like the idea, and it works on paper.... but after some thought... it seems a little on the "not quite thought through" category

    Awwwww... Who da big ol' disgustin' puss-filled vomit-cowored bwister? Is dat Amadeus?

    it's known in the state of california to cause cancer.... shhhh, don't tell the other states.....

    1 reply

    Melanoma kills very very quickly. Caused by as few as one sun-burn, it starts on the skin and quickly moves to brain, lungs, etc. Most Australians know at last one or two people who have died of melanoma. So it's not just California. I'm not a doctor, but I've been to a couple of funerals. Take care with this one.

    Oooowwwee. A tan would be ok but that's just burnt! if i were to do this then i would do it with smaller graphics as well, personally not a fan of the face :L xx

    Sorry, I won't "lighten up" for this one, nor should anyone else. That's a "burn-too" and burns are BAD! I'm a cancer survivor and things like this make my skin crawl. Take my advice, USE SUNSCREEN. The life you save might just be your own!

    1 reply

    Well Sir Cancer survivor, he did us sunscreen! How do you think he got the "tan- too"??? He sure didn't fart to get it on there. And attention- a public service announcement: . If someone wants to e stupid enough to try this, just let them do it. . And one more thing, and I will apologize for the language ahead of time, and for the remark I'm about to make: . Why the hell do you have a crip sign on your back?????? If your in a gang, your possey probably laughed their asses off at this......

    Obviously there was an error in judgment here, and someone was made aware of that fact painfully. I give as much credence to that one sunburn can lead to cancer cancer as I do that one Pierette can lead to nicotine addiction, that being none, but that's something everyone has to decide for themselves. The author should be given cit for not window dressing the instructable, by not including the evidence of what can go wrong. Anyway as they say; think about how good it's going to feel after it quits hurting ;) I'm n sure how one could go about creating a "tan tattoo" using a stencil over multiple exposures to avoid a burn. Away to index stencil has to be worked out

    This is pretty old. I did it last summer, still have the outline of the smiley. (i hope the picture works, i have had a lot of problems posting pictures)

    Why do people think it is their job to "save" everyone. Lighten up, let people do something fun once in a while, just sit back and be quiet! Yes I have had really bad sunburns, and even had a skin cancer removed. But, that does not mean I have the right to yell at other people and act like I am their protector. It's their skin, their lives, they have free will. I think this is kind of cool and since I have to spend a lot of time outside in the summer and long sleeves drive me crazy, will probably try it myself. A rose seems nice.

    3 replies

    maybe because getting involved into activities which are or are on the border of dangerous and then showing them or telling others about it and not warning others is bordering on encouraging others on doing it. and the saying "it's their lives, they have free will" soon involves other peoples lives as well... so please

    I am sorry so many think I am rude. After being in the medical field for over 20 years and trying to help those who do not want help or have to learn life's lessons the hard way, it was pointed out to me by the ones in charge that you cannot wrap people in protective layers just because you know they are doing something they shouldn't. But, when they do, you take care of the damage they have caused themselves by being foolish. Take care of yourselves, and hope others know what is right and wrong and what they shouldn't do because it might harm them, many people feel that horrible thing that happens to others won't happen to them and just because someone posts an idea does not mean a lot of others will use it. So please, excuse my manner, but understand my message, it was learned the hard way.

    Yes i do agree with you that its their skin their bodies, i think you should still take kmpres's advice and not be so rude with your posts. yes its a cool idea but at the same time not a very smart idea.