Sunburst Candle Lamp

Introduction: Sunburst Candle Lamp

I would have liked to make an instructable for this, but my lack of photos has prevented me from publishing one. I originally made this as a gift for my girlfriend. It is ment to be lit up by a tea candle and gives off a warm glow. It is fairly simple, though unless you own a "helping hands", you may find it difficult to solder. This project will take roughly 2-3 hours. I only have the the one picture because I am making this half a year after the fact.

You will need:

*Spool of 24 gauge brass wire

*Needle nose pliers w/ wire cutter


*Soldering iron

*Orange and Yellow tissue paper

*Glue Stick



* "Helping Hands", brick or some other object to hold wire in place

Step 1:

Cut five 12" lengths of wire and five 8" lengths wire. Bend each length into water droplet like shape. Feel free to add more definition and stylization to the curve; remember it is supposed to look a little like a sun after all is said and done.

Step 2:

Use whatever tool you have selected to hold your bent wire in place. Solder the ends together on each of your shaped lengths of wire. You should now have a total of 10 shaped and soldered rain drop like pieces of wire.

Step 3:

Lay your 5 large shaped pieces of wire on the Yellow tissue paper and your 5 small pieces on the Orange tissue paper. Trace the outside edge of each piece and cut the paper accordingly.

Step 4:

This part is a little tricky and may take some trial and error experimentation to get it right. Arrange your 5 largest shaped pieces of wire around an imaginary circle, with about an inch between them at the closest points. Cut out a long length of wire and bend it into a flat spiral. This spiral should be as close as possible to fitting the imaginary circle you placed your large pieces of shaped wire around. Using the "Helping Hands" or other selected object, angle one of your large shaped wire pieces at about 60 degrees, with the base of it resting against the edge of the spiral shaped wire. Solder the contact points. Repeat this for the other four shaped wire pieces, keeping them evenly spaced. You may find that you need to expand your spiral in order to keep the inch of separation between the 5 pieces.

Step 5:

Run the glue stick on the side of the wire you intend to put the tissue paper. Lay the paper on each pieces of wire so it fits perfectly on the frame.The paper should just barley fit on the wire frame of each piece.

Step 6:

Rest the 5 smaller pieces centered on the one inch gaps between the 5 larger pieces. Solder them to the spiral and at the contact points where the wire of the larger pieces meets the wire of the smaller pieces.

Step 7:

Again, run the glue stick along the wire of the small pieces and lay the Orange tissue paper on them. The tissue paper should fit the frame almost perfectly.

Step 8:

You are now done and can put a candle in the center of the spiral. Enjoy

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