Sunfish Fishing

Introduction: Sunfish Fishing

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Fishing for sunfish is a fun and easy thing to do even little kids can do it it's super simple and anyone can do it

Step 1: What You Need

Sun fish are in most lakes and all you have to do is drop a worm off the dock
.fishing pole
.tackle box
.body of water

Step 2: Baits/tackle

Baits/tackle is pretty simple when it comes to sunfish all you need to do is put a chunk of worm on your hook and your set but if you want to get complicated you could jig a bit with twister tails but you don't have to

Step 3: Every Body Can Do It

This is super easy and every body can do it so get out and try



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Ya but there was a bunch of us fishing so we were under the limit

Is there a catch and/or size limit where you live?