Sunflower Fan

Introduction: Sunflower Fan

I like fans in the summertime.  And, I like cheap fans.  But, since I've never particularly cared for the look of cheapplainwhite fans, I decided to make one look like a sunflower!

This was a simple project.  Before I assembled a new $20 fan, I spray painted the fan body and the stand green, the fan blades light yellow, the fan cage a darker yellow, and the center medallion brown.  Using paint left over from other projects, this turned out to be very inexpensive.  And, since the fan started out disassembled, I didn't ever have to take it apart to begin!

Before I began painting, I first wiped each part with paint thinner to make sure I was starting with a clean surface.  Then, I simply painted each piece.  I actually thought about adding artificial leaves to the stand, but decided against it. 

I've painted a number of these white fans over the years, but this is the first time I painted one to look like a sunflower.  I guess its a matter of taste, but I like it much better than the boring industrial white!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Holy cow! I did this exact same thing a few weeks ago to my fan! Grat minds think alike? I actually use mine on the patio under my gazebo on those blistering hot summer days. Great job!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'll bet you got the idea just like I did -- sat there staring at a pedestal fan one day and suddenly thought, "Hey, that's the same shape as a sunflower!" Thanks for your comment!