Sunglasses Mount

Introduction: Sunglasses Mount

I am constantly losing and breaking my sunglasses around the house. There has never been an ideal place to put them except for drawers where they end up in a scratched and tangled mess. Until now that is!

This Instructable will show you how to recycle some old boxes and wire using household supplies and tools into the perfect organizer for your reading and sunglasses. You can even go beyond the basic box shape and create pieces of art or multi-functional mounts, while keeping your sunglasses organized and safe from that dreaded drawer.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials: Cardboard or Foam board

Thick Copper wire -doesn't need to be super strong, just able to hold its shape when bent

Tape (optional but recommended)

String (typically not needed)

Tools: Scissors

Pliers -two is best

X-acto blade

Pin or tool that can make tiny holes

Step 2: Pieces

First determine how many sunglasses you need to support, two, four, twenty? Then find a piece of cardboard which will be big enough to hold all of your sunglasses. Second comes shape, vertical, horizontal, swirling directions? Measure and estimate how much leeway you need for each pair of sunglasses, and remember to give them room so one pair doesn't fall over while you're grabbing for the one underneath it. For this mount I needed a basic shape with four hooks to hold the sunglasses. Once you have the face, cut out the lateral faces which will give the mount its 3D shape from wherever you hang it.

Step 3: Hangup Frame

My sunglasses mount will be pinned on the wall, and therefore needs a backing for the nail to hang it up on. Measure and cut out this back piece with the right amount of extra trim on the sides in order to attach it to the lateral faces.

Step 4: Creating a Staple

The sunglasses will be hooked onto the mount with sturdy copper wire, this wire is good for keeping the frame together as well. With your pliers or wire cutters cut and bend a rough staple shape, then pierce holes for the staple to get through, bend the staple to secure the lateral face with the hangup backing piece. Repeat for the other side and now you will have a rear frame and front face piece.

Step 5: Prepping the Front Face

Measure out where you want the holes to be, then use a pin or other tool to make the holes. This face piece wasn't quite strong enough to hold the wire and sunglasses on its own so I made a support piece to brace it from the back. Poke all the holes through the front face and support piece, now it's time to bend the wire! Using your pliers bend the wire straight, then give it a crook somewhat in the shape of a cartoon lightning bolt. DO NOT cut the wire yet! Leave the other end raw and overly long as it will become the second hook. Using your pliers or wire cutters measure about 1/2" to 3/4" below your second hole, then cut. Bend the wire 90 degrees so it will have a perfect fit through the second hole, now give it the same lightning bolt bend as you did with the first hook. The first and second hooks are connected, as the third and fourth hooks are connected. This gives the hooks stability against each other, then tape down the paired hooks from the back so they won't slip out of the holes.

Step 6: Finishing

Now that you have the wire through, you can test if your sunglasses will fit properly into the hooks. Bend or start another hook piece if the brow of your sunglasses won't fit right into the hook.

It's almost complete, now you just have to attach the front and back frames. Depending on the box you use this can already be a single piece of cardboard. You can also repeat the copper wire staple idea to keep it together. For this particular piece I simply used electrical tape on the edges to keep the pieces together.

Now using your X-acto blade cut a hole that will fit over and then grip around the head of the screw you will use to hang up on the wall.

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    5 years ago

    Nice. If you get a chance a wood one might be a bit more popular


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Neat idea! My problem is I never put my sunglasses down in the same place, so I can never find them.. having a single place to hold them like this is super clever. Plus they won't get scratched. Win win!