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This video is my entry for the Jack Daniels Independence Project Contest.
My date of birth is 8-19-1983

Hi there! My name is Allie Biondi. I am the owner and designer of a new greeting card company, Sunny Day Print Company (, based out of Brooklyn, NY. I spent close to a decade working as an animator and designer for several studios before making the big jump to starting my own small business. As many of you know, starting a small business is no easy feat, especially financially speaking. I am currently trying to raise the startup capital to sign up for the next stationary trade show here in NYC. Though we do have cards available for purchase online, the real way to get ahead is by getting your products into stores and into the customers hands. We have approached a number of stores, but have come to learn that stores generally stock through trade shows. Beyond the cost of registration, we would also need to build a display kiosk and place a large order of of cards to make available for potential buyers, as well as funds for advertising. 
My dream is to start a card company that would branch out to stickers, stationary, apparel, and toys. Winning the Jack Daniels contest would certainly help me achieve that goal, and create my own independence. 
Thank you!

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