Sunset and Dolphin Manicure

Introduction: Sunset and Dolphin Manicure

This is the perfect manicure for a summer design xx

Step 1: Shape

Shape your nails and add base coat to protect your natural nails ( you don't have to do this step if you don't want too)

Step 2: Start

Paint your nails white ( this will make the colour stand out more)

Step 3: Colour

Sponge( any kind of sponge I use a makeup sponge) on a layer of blue, yellow, orange and red and allow to dry. Clean edges with cotton buds and nail polish remover.

Step 4: Dolphin

Do This in black first paint a triangle near the bottom of your nail fin From that paint an arch for the body and tail Next two small triangles either side of the body Then a small nose at the head

Step 5: Finish

Add clear top coat and glitter if you wish. your done

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