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Hi there,

Today i would like to share one of my paper craft with you hope you like it.

Our paper wall decorations are great statement pieces for party decorations or photography backdrops or children’s room decorations and can be reused over and over again.

This banner is perfect form home decor would bring art vibe to a blank wall.


1. cardstock papers punch/optional you can use any circle shape tool to trace

3. foam adhesives

4. scissors


6.marker pen

7.pencil to draw

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Step 1:

1. Draw triangle shapes first

2. with circle punch /here i used cap to trace the circle

3. draw small triangles on top of the circle (plz see the pictures)

4. By using marker pen draw eyes and mouth for the smiling suns

5. it is better to use 2 different shades of paper to differentiate from rays to face of the sun

6. use foam adesive to stick the suns on top of the bunting

7. make small holes to join all the triangles with twine

8.finally the banner is ready to use

Hope you like it

Thanks for stopping by

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