Super Awesome Lethal Pocket Slingshot

Introduction: Super Awesome Lethal Pocket Slingshot

Step 1: Gather Materials

Welcome to the course on how to make the super awesome lethal pocket slingshot. This is a very simple project for the office, at home, or if you're real naughty, school. You will need:

Needle nose pliers
A few small paperclips
A rubber band (if you have those thin ones if recommend 2 for more power)
Duct tape (optional)

Step 2: Let's Get Going

Start by bending the bottom of the paper clip into a straight line like in the picture. Be sure not to mess with the top yet.

Step 3: Bah Humbug

Now proceed to mess with the top. Bend it about a 2/3 way down from the top like so. Make sure it is bent to stick straight up.

Step 4: Uh-huh

Now bend the top over so that it faces the direction of the straightened part.

Step 5: Babooshka

Now you bend the straight part over in a loop to meet with the other end. We are almost done.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Mark it up with duct tape for style, but this also helps because it's hard to find the little bullets after shooting them. I've also found though that the tape makes it curve at long distance, so be warned.

Step 7: You Are Done!

Okay, have fun! But.....DISCLAIMER! Be very careful, I'm not responsible for any injuries. This is very powerful and goes very far and hits hard. Okay now go shoot at some stuff.

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