Super Bright LED Flash Light With Reflector



Introduction: Super Bright LED Flash Light With Reflector

Here i am showing you how to make a super bright LED flash light with pyramid reflector.We use lesser components to make this.Its so compact and bright.We can simple change battery and its less expensive

Step 1: Components Need

1.9v battery old 9v battery -used to get the connector

3.100/220 ohm resistor

4. white leds-6

5.card board pieces

6.aluminum foil

7.push button switch

8.glue,soldering iron,hot glue

Step 2: Dimensions of the Cardboard Pieces

These are the dimensions of the cardboard piece cuttings

Step 3: Circuit

Its so simple circuit.Here we used only 6 leds,one 220 or 100 ohm resistor,and a 9v battery.

Here we make a series connected three pairs of leds and these 3 series connected leds are connected parallel

and it connected to a 9 v battery through a 220 ohm resistor.

Step 4: Steps 1

- First we cover the cardboard pieces with aluminum foil paper,to make the reflector

- On the 2.5*2.5 square cardboard we connected the 6 leds

- And connect it as per the circuit and solder it

Step 5: Step 2

- Take out the connector from the old 9v battery

- Using adhesive tape stick the each pieces of reflector and make a pyramid shape

- Stick the reflector permanently using hot glue

Step 6: Step 3

- Attach the LED section with the reflector using hot glue

- Attach a push button on the side using hot glue

- Connect a 220 ohm resistor from led +ve to one pint of push button switch

- The next point of push button connect to battery +ve terminal

- connect the -ve terminal to battery -ve point

- Cover the soldering parts using an insulating tape

Step 7: Super Bright Flash Light

Here we finished our project.Please try this in your home.Feel free to ask any one of your doubts.Please like and share my videos and subscribe my channel.Thank you very much

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