Super Cheap Bottle Rocket and Gas Burner

Intro: Super Cheap Bottle Rocket and Gas Burner

Step 1: Materials !!!!!

The materials you need for this project is a bottle of isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Also you will need a bottle with a squirt cap. A litter and patience.

Step 2: Make It and Shake It

Add a small amount of alcohol in the bottle. Put your hand on the top and shake.then pour out the alcohol.

Step 3: Poor Out and Light!!

Poor the alcohol out. Aim up and light. It will shoot up. You can also stand it up and take off the cap. Then it will make huge noises and make a huge flame

Step 4: Continued Pics

Also thank you to zeropt for the help. Look him up, he has super cool ideas!!!!!!



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    4 years ago

    very cool! never thought to pour out the alcohol back in my pyro days.