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Introduction: Super Cheap Compost Tower

Recently, I decided to build a compost tower. This is a container filled with dirt and a smaller compost bin inside. The tower uses special holes in the tower to allow worms to help turn the compost into dirt. But on the outside, the tower has flower-pot-shaped holes where you can grow plants in the dirt as well. It's a fun project to have in the garden, and it can be useful for kids to learn more about composting. But many of these towers are too large, and too expensive for the average gardener. This is why I made this instructable, to teach you how to build a much smaller, but MUCH cheaper compost tower.

Step 1: Materials:

Compost tower:
• 1 gallon plastic bottle(with cap)
• 1 plastic water bottle ~17 OZ
• A little under a gallon of dirt
• Seeds of your choice
• Worms

• Paper/plastic/styrofoam cup
• 2 chopsticks/plastic utensils

• Hot glue gun
• tape
• Scissors

Step 2: Cutting the Frame

1. Take the gallon-sized bottle, and cut out the bottom. (Pictures 1-2)

2. Cut out small flaps in the two flat sides of the bottle. (Pictures 3-4)
Feel free to use something sharper than scissors if needed. (Just be careful not to cut yourself like I did:)

3. Bend the flaps out about 45°
4. Place tape over flaps. (Pictures 5-6)

Step 3: Cutting the Middle

This part is where you will be placing your compost.

1. Cut 8-10 ~0.5 in square holes in sides of small water bottle (picture 1)

2. Cut off bottom of bottle (picture 2)

3. Remove cap

Step 4: Attach the Middle to the Outer Part

1. Use hot glue on the side of the small bottle and attach it to the inside of the larger bottle on the inside of the handle.

Step 5: Making the Base

Tape the two chopsticks onto the bottom of the cup in an X shape.

Step 6: Add Dirt+worms

1. Add compost to the small bottle
2. Add Dirt to the large bottle
3. Add worms
4. Add seeds to flaps
5. Place large bottle on stand
6. Done!

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