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Intro: Super Cool Electronic Detonator

This instructable is the new and improved version of a former project i did. the old one was dumb and hardly worked. this one is cool and works every time. i CANNOT be held responsible for anything you may cause harm to and/or destroy with my detonator. so if you are a terrorist, i dont want this instructable to end up on the news after some pointless bombing where they find my detonator amongst the rubble.

on a lighter note, this detonator is awesome. not only is it easy to build, changing the batteries is a breeze and it requires no more than $25 to make. theres a video of what it does below, and eventualy i'll post a video of it in action.

Step 1: Materials

To successfully complete this project, you will need:
1 1/4 inch stereo plug (radioshack)
1 1/4 inch stereo jack (radioshack)
1 switch w/ safety cover (we only use the cover) (radioshack)
1 red momentary pushbutton switch (radioshack)
1 can of PlastiDip (hardware store)
2 medium-sized alligator clips
1 25-foot double-wire cord (radioshack)
1 3 AAA battery holder (inside a small flashlight or radioshack)
1 one-inch threaded PVC pipe (hardware store)
1 PVC end cap that fits on the pipe
1-2 tubes of epoxy putty
2 hands
1 brain
assorted tools (saw mostly)

Step 2: The Electronics

pretty straight-forward. just look at the picture.

Step 3: The Case

for this you need the PVC pipe. saw the pipe to about 4-5 inches, or whatever feels right in your hand. remember: the threaded part will have the end cap on it so measure accordingly.

Step 4: The Handle/Grip

First, stick the electronics into the pipe through the non-threaded end of the pipe (the side you cut). the safety cover of the momentary pushbutton switch should be too large to go inside the pipe. tape the switch down (for now). drill a hole in the end cap that matches the diameter of the stereo jack. stick the jack in and screw it down with the provided mounting screw (if you got it at radioshack, otherwise just use hot glue)
Next, mix up the epoxy putty so that it is a uniform color. then, spread it evenly all around the pipe. take the tape off the switch and put epoxy putty over the sides of the cover that touch the sides of the pipe. this will hold the switch in place.

When the epoxy has dried, get out your PlastiDip. i would recommend pouring some out of the can and into a bowl or something, because when you dip the detonator, almost half the can will spill over. IMPORTANT: stick something into the jack at the bottom of the detonator so that the PlastiDip wont get inside and ruin everything.

Once the above steps are completed, get ready to dip. i recommend putting a coat hanger around the switch's safety cover so that you can easily dip the detonator.

Step 5: When It's Dry...

...cut through the PlastiDip at the top of the end cap so that it can be unscrewed.

Step 6: The Cord

get your 2 wire cord. peel the wires apart on one end for about five inches, and strip the ends. solder the alligator clips to the wires. strip the other end of the wire and solder it to the stereo jack.

Step 7: DONE!!!!!!!!

congratulations, you have just built the coolest detonator EVER. go blow stuff up and try to not kill anyone. post pictures of your completed detonators/any questions in the comments if you like, or dont if you dont feel like it. have fun!!!!!!!!!!



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    28 Discussions

    mob mannymr_goodbytes

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Could this be used to detonate gas like oxy-accetaline..if so how? Would you just attach wire to the detonator leading to the gas then simply push the button?

    mr_goodbytesmob manny

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    First off, oxy-acetlyne is an incredibly dangerous gas to be playing with around fire. It is incredibly concussive, and you can very easily blow your eardrums out from the overpressure created by even a balloon filled with O-A. I am not responsible for any damage you may incur on yourself or others with O-A an my detonator.

    That said, all you would have to do is make a "fuse" type attatchment to clamp in the alligator clips. Take a little christmas light and break the bulb's glass, exposing the nichrome wire. Then attatch the bulbs terminals to the allogator clips, put the bulb inside your balloon or whatever filled with O-A and oxygen, put on like five layers of hearing protection and stay far away from windows, and press the button.


    mob mannymr_goodbytes

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Haha very cool!! can you suggest any easy'r ways to blow things up? Lets say hypertheticley speaking a safe or a.t.m? :)

    mr_goodbytesmob manny

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Fill on of those little co2 cylinders with powder, pack it in, stick in a fuse, and light it. I use these for stump removal. Drill a hole down into the stump and stick one of these bad boys in an the stump is obliterated

    mob mannymr_goodbytes

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    How would you get the cylinder in the safe to blow the door? it's too big, thats why i thought gas as you could drill and pump the gas in. Any more ideas?

    mr_goodbytesmob manny

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Crush the safe. Pay off a junkyear worker to use the car crusher and simply crush the shit outta the safe, hopefully opening it

    how exactly is this used to detonate things? i made one similar to this, but i can ignite anything. i tried using one of the strands in a piece of jewelers wire, but it didnt really work

    You have to use really thin wire. The whole way that the ignitor works is by the "short-circuit" method. Basically if you put enough current through a small enough wire, the resistance is great enough that the wire glows bright red hot, thus igniting whatever is in contact with the wire. This is how lightbulbs work, except the wire is in a vaccum and thus dosent burn itself out. It is also how toasters work. If you look in the toaster you see the little red wires. That is nothing but a controlled short-circuit. Since the nichrome wire used in the detonator is exposed to open atmosphere, it burns easily, this igniting your model rocket/firework/etc. Basicaly, jewelers wire is much too thick to acheive the resistance neccisary to ignite anything. Also, its usually plated in gold or something since it is used for jewelry. I would reccomend either going to a hobby store and buying some model-rocket ignition wires used to ignite the model engines, or this: take a small christmas lightbulb and carefully break the glass with wire cutters or pliers or something, making sure you keep the small wire intact. Then tape a fuse to that wire. And then simply attatch the alligator clips to the contacts at the bottom of the bulb. And there ya go! You can ignite your fireworks safely from behind cover now with my easy-to-use ignition system. And you look like a total badass when you use this detonator :) BE SAFE!! I swear to god you guys better be safe.

    ok, you clamp a peice of nichrome wire (really really thin wire) between the two alligator clamps and either wrap it around a fuse or stick it in the flammable/explosive. the wire you are using is probably gold or copper plated, in which case it may not work.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    That is still way too much voltage... this design should work fine. I think you are using the wrong wire, or the switch you used has some kind of built in resistor or something that limits the current.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Ok so I know you have been asked this about a million times, but what gauge wires are you using to assemble this project. Like, should I use 18 AWG wires to connect the switch, battery case, and output jack then use 22 AWG for the wires with the alligator clips on them?

    Haha yes it does, all ive had to do since i made it is change the batteries. I use ut just about every july 4th for fireworks stuff


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Could You Tell Me Where You Attatch The Crocodile Clips And What Way Round You Connect Them. Thank You