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Introduction: HOW TO MAKE: a Super Cyborg Rubber Ducky!

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Today I'll be making the super cyborg rubber ducky. When you get a leaser diode and you don't have a driver circuit or an appropriate driver circuit, It will dim making it useless for anything. What no! 

You can make a super cyborg rubber ducky! the great thing about it is that if you have a dimmed laser without a focus lens, you can still make it.  Its like a working thing made out of virtually nothing in our society. I didn't buy any of these parts except for the ducky and the flash drive.

ps. my camera wasn't working so i had to borrow an IPhone 3gs so the pics might not be that good. I'm 13 so no bad comments please

Lets get started!

Step 1: Get the Tools!

First of all, you will need a few tools. Most people wanting to attempt this will most likely have them all.

1.Soldering station or soldering iron. 
2.Helping hand. Optional but highly recommended. 
3.Small wire cutters (electronics type)
4.Wire stripper
5. Of course, Hot glue gun

Step 2: Parts You'll Need

You need a few parts but you can add and take parts. some people might not have a goose neck with a LED in it.
The parts you'll need are:
1.A rubber ducky
2.A flash drive (optional)
3.2 15Ω 1w resistors. To get the best results, use more powerful resistors. I use 2x 1w resistors and it worked perfectly
4.Laser Diode in stock heat sink and with wires attached to the correct terminals. To wire it up, 
5.A LED in goose neck
6.Non-Momentary switch. I prefer a toggle switch.
7.USB male connector with lead
8. LED module.
9. 8 pin IC chip (for show. any will do)
10. Capactitor. I used a 25v 470uf. You will need one large enough to fit inside of his eye

Now if you want to, you can make your own regulator circuit out of a LM317 voltage regulator and a 220ohm and a 240ohm resistor to make about 2.8V. you can use this instead of the resistors and i recommend it.I didn't do it because I didn't have a spare LM317 
If you are using more or less Lights, use a Lm317 instead of the resistors. The schematic for a Lm317 is the last picture. Resistor one is 220ohm and  resistor two is the 240ohm

Instead of the laser diode, You could get a laser module from DX or ebay and connect it up just in place of the Laser diode.

Step 3: Disclaimer and Technique Discussion

First we need to prepare the duck. My duck was going to be thrown out because the eyes had holes in them form another project that didn't really work. 

Anyway. The technique I'll be using is melting holes with a soldering iron (as pictured). For this I set my soldering station to a lower temperature. Don't breathe on the fumes. My duck was made out of PVC plastic and I didn't know until I finished. 

Anyway I am not responsible for any injuries, cancer (for some unknown reason, Random imploding  etc...

Step 4: Fitting the IC

The IC chip will be the cyborg's brain. It will not be wired up to anything so any chip will do. Once done, It should be a very snug fit. After the last step, Put glue in his head to keep the capacitor, the IC and the Laser Diode in place permanently. 

Step 5: Fitting the Capacitor.

To fit the capacitor, Melt a round hole through the duck's eye. Similar to the IC, It will be a very snug fit. It should be so snug that it will support itself temporarily. 

Step 6: Fitting the Laser Diode

The laser diode must be faulty (dimmed dramatically)  because if not, at full power it will be too bright. One important thing is that once dimmed, people will think it's low powered and useless, but it's NOT. It should also still be in the stock heat sink. The heat sink will keep the diode cool and it looks cooler.Once done, you may want to glue it in place with a tiny amount of glue. Keep trying to make it fit until you get the sweet spot where it fits perfectly But DON'T OVERDO IT!

If you are using the red laser module, drill a hole instead of melting.

Step 7: The Goose Neck With LED

Now it's time to fit the component that's easiest to fit. Just melt a small hole with the soldering iron. 
It should be, like the rest of the components, very snug. Once fitted, put some glue inside the duck to make it stay there.

Step 8: The LED Module and the Switch

I de-soldered this module from a computer network adapter. This it similar space to the IC but longer. Make sure the module has wires and the LEDs in parallel. 

Make sure that the switch has the two wires coming off it before it's put in place. To fit it in place, melt a small hole and push the switch through the inside to the out as pictured.

After the components are fitted, Glue them it from the inside.

Ps: sorry for the bad pic 1. Iphone 3gs camera

Step 9: Prepare the USB Cable

Before you start this step, melt a hole at the duck's rear end and push the cable all the way though. After that, strip the cable to revile the 4 cores. If you have a cable with shielding, cut it away because it's not needed. After that, tin the wire conductors (as shown in pic 1) Now solder a 2inch Length of black and a length of red cable to the matching pair of wires in the bundle of 4 cables. make sure you don't wire them in-line. You'll see why in a moment (Replicate picture 2)

On the extra red wire, (that we soldered onto the USB positive wire) solder it onto one of the wires of the switch. On the the other switch wire, solder on the 2x 15 ohm resistors in series (in pic 3, the second resistor isn't shown)

Step 10: The Flash Drive

I used a 4gb lexar flashdrive that I had lying around. 

First of all, remove the casing to reveal the circuitry. After that, put the circuit board in the helping hands. NOTE: when soldering to the connectors, don't have the iron on there for long. It could permanently damage the flash drive. Use picture 3 to help which wire is goes on what connection. Remember to look at it closely and try to remember that it's turned around. After that, insulate the flash drive and put it somewhere in the duck (pic4)

Step 11: Wiring and Gluing

After the two resistors, we need to solder all the things that light up in parallel. Solder all the negative wires together and solder them to the 2 inch negative lead we soldered onto the negative USB lead. Solder all the positive leads to the end of the resistors (not the end that we soldered to the switch!) 

After that, secure everything by Gluing them down. (Don't forget to insulate it!)

Step 12: Done!

You have finished you rubber ducky. Plug it in, test it out and have fun!

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If you want to, you can glue a focusing lens for the laser diode. 

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    Evil Cyborg Rubber Ducky World Takeover! (ECRBWT for short)
    Nice :)

    dog digger
    dog digger

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    then ill let it take over my computer wich has the power to take over the world!
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    Reply 4 years ago

    The function of a rubber duck is to float on your bath, but this cyborg rubber duck can takeover the world so the function of the new duck is clearly evil.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    u should give it burning lasers for eyes, and it should have a flyback driver (mini)


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    awesome Dog digger!
    I'll find an encription program 4 u or i'll make 1


    9 years ago on Introduction

    dude why did you used your flash drive for the usb ?

    dog digger
    dog digger

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Because I could. I wanted to ad Extra functionality to the duck

    dog digger
    dog digger

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    not yet.
    i want to put an encryption program on it though.

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