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Hello again!

This was invented in the lab kitchen. I thought to myself..... Ohhh i could really eat a chocolate sandwich right now. And that was it.
I started Testing and Baking.

Today you're going to learn how to create the Super Delicious Chocolate Sandwich! As I am going to share this recipe with you!
    It consists of a chocolate sponge sandwiched together with an amazing chocolate filling and dusted with icing sugar.
          • Very easy and only takes a few ingredients!
          • Divine With custard
          • Scrumptious with ice cream

                                                                               �     20 min Make + 10 min Bake!    �

Step 1: You Will Need...

Now's Time to measure up and get cracking!

For the Sponge
3 eggs
75 g caster sugar
50 g self-raising flour
25 g cocoa powder

For the Filling
100g + extra for dusting - Icing sugar
60g Cooking Chocolate
splash of strawberry flavorin g (+)
Ice cream topping - Chocolate
Cooking Spray

Mixing Bowl
Pizza Cutter
Silicone Spreader
Wooden Mixing Spoon
Baking tray with high edges
Electric Whisk  For Step 2 and 6! (+)

(+) Optional

The baking soda Pictured isn't needed for this recipe.

Step 2: Wisk.

Wisk Together the sugar and eggs until white. Like the third image. You may use an Electric whisk. 

This is the core of the sponge.

Step 3: Sieve Then Fold.

Sieve in the flour and cocoa into the sugar and egg mixture, then fold in slowly. You're looking for a brown smooth paste. Fold gently.

These are key elements in the mixture, the cocoa making it chocolate flavored; the flour stiffening and rising.

Step 4: Bake.

Next pour the mixture into the baking tray. Make sure you grease first! Use a good 10- 15 squirts of cooking spray.

Cook on top shelf gas mark 4 for 8-12 mins.

Should be firm to touch when cooked, check by poking with a fork. If gooey mixture comes out pop back in the oven for a few mins.

If you want you can begin on step 6 but make sure you don't let your sponge burn!

Step 5: Flip.

Dust with icing sugar and cover the tray with tin foil. Flip the tray over tap it then lift off.

Step 6: Creating the Filling.

Now we shall make the filling!

First melt your cooking chocolate in the microwave
Now mix with your 100g of icing sugar and add a little bit of warm water. 

Mix Fast! 
                    •You may want to use a electric whisk if you end up with chocolate lumps

You should have a thickish consistency if not add more icing sugar, we want the mixture so its Spreadable .

Then fold in 2 tablespoons of  strawberry flavoring.

Step 7: Filling the Filling.

Now pour you filling onto the sponge and spread evenly to all edges if you are planning on cooling in the fridge, Slide the sponge and tin foil back onto the tray first.

If you like you can add marshmellows, nuts or anything that tickles your fancy.

Then simply run a knife or pizza cutter down the middle giving you two equal sides. Careful you Dont slit the tin foil.

Step 8: Folding.

Now the last step:

Fold the tin foil in half along the line where you made the cut. Pull back and reveal your sandwich!

      Smiley faces all round ☺

Leave on the side or in the fridge to cool.

Step 9: Eat.

Simply cut into pieces and serve with the ice cream topping drizzled over.

               Try with ~ Ice cream, custard, Whipped or squirty cream.

  Thanks For Reading, DrWilson.



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