Super Delicious Fish Stew

Introduction: Super Delicious Fish Stew

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This recipe is very easy , healthy and flavorful , very pleasant for whom disgust fish as well.

All you need is:
+Whole sea bream
+large handful small bkack olives
+2 carrots
+1 tomato
+1 potato
+1 yellow bell pepper
+1 onion
+1 red chili pepper
+1 tbs of powdered coriander
+1 tbs of fine salt
+ 1 / 2 tbs of turmeric
+ 1 / 2 tbs of powdered garlic
+ 1 / 2 tbs of powdered basil
+ 2 bay leaves
+ 2 cardamom pods
+ small bunch of flat leaf parsley
+ 2 tbs (- /+) of olive oil for garnish

Step 1: Yellow Bell Pepper

Wash the yellow bell pepper, core it ,and cut into thin strips.
Put all in a large shallow pan

Step 2: Carrots

Peel the carrots, slice them then put over the pepper strips separately.

Step 3: Onion

Peel the onion, cut into slices, and spread them over the pepper and carrots.

Step 4: Seasoning

Crack open the cardamom pods (i saved the papery husks ), then mix it with powdered coriander, powdered garlic, turmeric, powdered basil and salt.
Add 2 bay leaves to onion, carrots, and pepper, then add spice mix over them.

Step 5: Cook

Add 2 cups of water , until the vegetables are almost covered .
Cover and simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes .

Step 6: Tomato and Potato

Slice tomato ,cut the potato into medium sized cubes, then add them to the pan.
cover and simmer on the same flame for 10 minutes.

Step 7: Chili Pepper and Black Olives

Cut the chili pepper into slices, then add it with handful small black olives to the stew.
Always covered, simmer for 5-10 minutes on medium flame.

Step 8: Preparing Fish and Cooking

Scale the bream, clean out the abdominal cavity and remove the pectoral fins then cut it into 3 parts .
Add the pieces to the vegetables stew, make sure that they are completly dipped.
Cover and let cook for 10-15 minutes on low-medium heat.

Step 9: Adding Parsley

Shop parsley as thin as you want, turn off the heat, then add it to the stew ,you can add slices of lemon if you want :)
Cover and let it repose for 15 minutes or until serving.

Step 10: Serving and Enjoying

Serve warm or tepid in a shallow dish with some slices of toasted bread
garnish with 2 tbs of olive oil , you can add some drops of lemon juice ...
Go well with cheesy pasta, fluffy white rice and deviled eggs...

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    Very colorful!