Super Distance/Power Mod to K'nex Rubberband Repeat Gun

This is a major mod to the original gun that shoots rubber bands. I made a mod that makes the rubber bands fly at least 2x farther than the original. This mod also gives the rubber bands more velocity and power. Original design by bobthetool.

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Step 1: Make the Parts!

Follow the pictures. (the steps are numbered on the picture as a comment so multiple pictures will have the same number.) If you have any questions about building this, feel free to ask me. Also, if you have suggestions for more instructables that i could do, please let me know.

Step 2: Assemble!

Once again follow the pictures and the numbers. If you have any questions about building this, feel free to ask me.

Step 3: Loading and Firing the Gun

Follow the video for loading and firing instructions. If You have any questions about the gun you can ask me anytime.

Step 4: You're Done!!!!!!

All you need are some rubber bands and you're ready to shoot!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    modded it so the trigger is in the inside of the gun. makes it better but only single fire.