Super Duper Earring

Introduction: Super Duper Earring

- 32 links of hand-beaded chain
- Two 5-strand end bars
- 1 pair of French wires
---- AND ----
- the letters SUPER and DUPER
---- OR ----
- 10 pretty petals bead caps
- 10 druk beads, 6 mm
- 10 head pins, 1 inch

- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Round nose pliers

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Step 1: Divide Hand-Beaded Chain

Divide the hand-beaded chain into 2 1-link sections and 10 3-link sections by gently opening the loops between beads. As you make the earrings you may want to adjust the way the loops between the beads are facing. You may do this by holding each loop flat in a pair of chain nose pliers and twisting the loops so that they align the way you wish.

Step 2: Attach Hand-Beaded Chain to End Bar

Using your chain nose pliers attach a 1-link section to the single loop on the top of one end bar. Open the loop on the other side of the 1-link section and attach a French wire. Adjust the bead link directions as needed.

Step 3: Attach Remaining Hand-Beaded Links and Letters/Beads With Bead Caps

Using your chain nose pliers attach a 3-link section to each of the loops on the other side of the spacer bar. Attach the letters to the bottom of the chain sections, or, if you wish, fit the beads and bead caps onto the head pins and create dangles for the bottom of the earrings.

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