Super Duper Soaker

Introduction: Super Duper Soaker

Ok this instructable is for the parts you need for the super duper soaker how to put them together is going to be a separate instructable sorry for the inconvenience but its the way it had to be next one might not be like this I don't know yet. The how to build will be called "super duper soaker 2 time to build"

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Step 1: The Super Super Soaker

Sorry I was in a rush to build this H2O shooting monster so there's not much I can show how to build

Step 2: Cost... Uh Oh

This cannon cost me a total of about 130-120$ so it's pricey but works really well.

Step 3: Pressure Tank

Ok so the pressure tank is made out of 20 inches of 3 inch PVC. With 2x 3 inch end caps, one universal 1/4 quick connect, and one 1/4 barbed male threaded.

Step 4: Connecting Pressure Hose

For this you need 4 hose clamps( I can't remember the size), two male threaded barbs, one 1/4 ball valve, and two (one foot lengths of compressor hose)

Step 5: Water Tank

This is probably the most confusing part so I will put it in two parts the top half and the bottom half

Step 6: Water Tank Top

You will need one 3inch end cap, two 1/4male male one inch long steel pieces, one 1/4 to 1/2 reducer, one 1/4threaded male barbed connector

Step 7: Water Tank Bottom

This is the most confusing part of the build so hold on. You need one 3 inch to 1-1/2 inch reducer, one 1-1/2 to 1 inch reducer, one female 1 to 1/2 bushing, one 1/2 male male 2 inch long pipe, one 1/2 female threaded barbed connector. Got it ... Good lets carry on

Step 8: Water Hose

You will need braided nylon hose with 1/2 inch inside diameter and I think 5/8 outside diameter and two ( still can't remember the size) hose clamps

Step 9: The Nozzle

Second most complicated part here it comes. You will need one 1/2 female threaded barbed connected, one 1/2 male male thereaded 2 inch long pipe, one female female 1/2 to 3/4 inch reducer, and one male male threaded 3/4 2 inch long pipe, and finally one 3/4 sprinkler valve

Step 10: The Nozzle Barrel

Easiest part to make time! You need 2 feet of 3/4 inch PVC, one 3/4 inch end cap and drill a 1/4 or whatever size you want in it, and the final part a male 3/4 thread coupler.

Step 11: Questions?

If you have questions conatact me at

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