Super EASY Tracing With Tracing Aka Transfer Paper

Introduction: Super EASY Tracing With Tracing Aka Transfer Paper

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Hi guys today I'm show a easier way you can trace drawings and complicated pictures, Since sometimes printer paper is thick and you can't the drawing under that's why use tracing paper

Step 1: What Do You Need

- Transfer or Tracing paper ( same thing)
- Blank Printer Paper
- Hard Base
-Charcoal or HB 2 pencils-2

Step 2: Trace on the Transfer Paper

So Trace what you on on the transfer paper nothing else

Step 3: Get It on Normal Paper

Flip over the transfer paper and keep the normal paper under it rub the charcoal or the pencil lead on the drawing on the transfer paper

Step 4: Outcome

A pretty flower, It is not very dark but you can darken it but tracing over it, Like picture 2 Picture one is original

Step 5: Things I Made With It

I tried to trace Pokemon and they turned out well



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    Nice Instructable. The Pokemon turned out great!

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