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Hi guys I have another super easy instructable for you. It is a self working mathematical card trick that works automatically if steps are followed correctly.

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Step 1: Arrangements

Arrangements :
1) U need any 4 of a kind (I am taking the aces)
2) three random cards
3) a 5 of any suit
4) the rest of the deck face down.

**see the picture for the cards.
Take the three of cards (aces keeping one apart) on the deck facing down then the three random cards and then the 5.
**see picture no. 2.

Now put the fourth ace somewhere in the middle of the deck.

Step 2: False Cuts

Give some false cuts

Learn it here:

Step 3: Start the Trick

Tell the spectators that u will make a Prediction. Search for the fourth ace in the deck that u kept somewhere in the middle of the deck. Don't show that it is a ace to the spectators. Tell them that u will reveal it later.

Step 4: Divide

As there was an arrangement or setup in the cards, the top card of the deck should be the 5. Therefore use the top cards as pile 1, middle cards as pile 2 and the remaining cards as pile 3. In this way the top card or say the arrangements that u made at the first will be in the pile 1.

Step 5: Lay the First Cards

Pick up the top card of each pile lay it in front of the piles that they belong to. See the pictures for reference.

Step 6: Count

We will begin with the last pile. As there is a jack we can count it as 10 as there is no number in jack. Take the pile up from its place and put ten cards one by one on the pile3 place and put one card on the either piles(the other two piles). Then after doing this put the rest of the pile in its place where u kept the ten cards. Then the second pile. Do the same. As it is ten of Clubs, put ten cards then one card on either piles and then the rest of the pile in its place. Same with the first pile. Put five cards as the card in front of the pile is five, then one card on either pile and rest of the pile in its place.

In this way there are all aces in the top positions( u will see it in the next step)

***follow this step carefully as it is a little tricky to understand what the function of the step is at once.
***in my case the cards five of shades, ten of Clubs and jack of Clubs but it can be any card but the first card will every time be five becoz of the setup or arrangement.

**Jacks, queens and kings are considered to be 10(only for this trick)

Step 7: Reveal

Reveal your Prediction and the top cards of the piles. They are all aces! And that's the trick. U can say, " as my Prediction was an ace Therefore the deck is automatically providing me the other aces. Magic! "



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    I'm SRK fan

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    "NFC" enabled cards..


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    2 years ago

    I love doing card tricks I try and learn a new one every day so that I can show my friends.

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    U can understand by reading the steps carefully. U can search in youtube for "mismag822" for great card tricks. He is my magic teacher