Super Easy DIY $ 40 Rc Bb 8 Live !




Introduction: Super Easy DIY $ 40 Rc Bb 8 Live !

well hi everyone , this is my first instructable which is the super awesome BB 8 !!
most of us were not able get a sphero bb 8 cos it costs a lot about $150
so i thought i should make a super cheap $ 40 bb 8 .
my droid is super easy to make and can even talk !!
but sorry no head rotation :/
i got inspired by the instructable posted by ASCAS and rimstarorg on youtube and thought of making a hybrid .
this project does not use any programming so anyone can build it.
I am giving a of hint materials which i would be using!!-
1) rc truck
2) bluetooth speaker
3) paper maché sphere
may the force be with you!

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Step 1: Well I Thought I Would Publish a Live Instructable and I Would Be Posting Every Day the Developmnts Taking Place. If You Want to Build It You Can Add This Instructable to Your Favourites and Come Back Every Day to Check Out a New Step . ^-^

so to start making your $ 40 bb 8 you need to get the following materials to start your project.
well i am not copying anybody's bb 8 but i am just inspired by them and just want to make a cheap bb 8 .
The following materials would be needed to start the project :-
1) A 20" beach ball which could be bought online or from a toy shop
2) old newspapers
3) paper cutter
4) a small bucket ( just to hold on to your paper mache )
5) a big bottle of regular Elmer's glue
6) a container
7) water
8) white flour (about 1 cup)
9) a hot air gun ( just to fasten the drying process )

Step 2: Make Your Paper Mache !

step 1

cut thin strips from a newspaper

step 2

add 2 parts of glue in parts of water

step 3

apply thin strips of newspapers on the ball like in the pictures

step 4

when you have covered the ball with 1 layer of newspaper smoothen out the layer using a roller.

step 5

apply 2 more layers of newspapers on the body this would take about 3 to 3.5 hours

step 6

using a hot air gun start the drying process . after you have done this you can continue with the next step

step 7

make smoothening agent by mixing approximately 3 parts of flour in about 1.7 parts of water . the smoothner should be thick but not very sticky .

step 8

start applying the flour to the ball with your hands and not with anything else as we would not be able to apply the layer nicely

step 9

after you have applied the layer you can use the hot air gun to dry the ball for about 2-5 mins

step 10

leave the ball to dry overnight . the next if the ball does not dry you can keep it the sunlight for about 3-4 hours .

the next step would be displayed tomorrow . ^-^

Step 3: Materials Needed for the Second Step

materials :-

1) a bottle of synthetic resin adhesive or a bottle of wood glue

2) plain canvas

3) a brush

4) water

5) white flour ( for smoothening and to fasten the drying process)

6) the ball from the last step

7) and don't forget the bucket

Step 4: Reinforce the Body With Canvas !

step 1

start cutting thin strips of canvas which would be applied to the ball .

step 2

in a container add about 2.5 parts of synthetic adhesive in 1.5 to 2 parts of water start mixing it with the brush

step 3

start applying the canvas on the body with the help of the glue .
repeat this process until you are able to reinforce the body with 2 layers of plain canvas. after applying a layer of canvas dry 1 st layer of canvas using a hot air gun.
after applying another layer use the hot air gun again.

step 4

now add about 2.5 parts of white flour in 1.5 to 2 parts of water to make the smoothner.

step 5

using your brush apply a layer of flour on the body .

step 6

after applying flour on the body use the hot air gun again.

step 7

leave the body to dry overnight .

step 8

next day put the body in the sunlight for 3 to 4 hours so the body becomes really hard.

the next step will be added tomorow

Step 5: Materials Needed for the Next Step

the following materials would be needed for the next step :-

1) wood putty or wood filer

2) a metal applicator

3) a sandpaper 220

4) canvas mached ball

Step 6: Apply a Layer of Wood Putty !

step 1

start applying wood putty on the ball using a metal applicator. do not add water in the putty .

step 2

after applying a layer of wood putty leave the ball to dry for 1 - 2 hours.

step 3

after the ball dries sand the body using sand paper and sand until you get a marble smooth finish.

Step 7: Draw Details on the Body !

sorry i was not able to update the steps cos i goofed up a bit.
now on the ball draw the details of the bb 8s body like in the pictures.

Step 8: Cut the Body in Half!

sorry i updated the step very late cos i goofed up a bit.
so for the next step take a pencil and a tailors measuring tape to draw the center line.
using a hacksaw cut the body in half .
the ball would be still stuck in the inner surface of the ball which you should remove carefully.
now you have two hemispheres!

Step 9: Starting With Electronics !

things you would need
1) a rc car with large tyres as seen in the picture
2) the remote for the car ( my was 49 mhz)
3) a piece of acrylic sheet
4)some nuts and bolts according to convenience
5) a metal hub ( i got one from a hardware store )
6) pvc pipe ( as thin as possible)
7) a plastic hub ( i found one in my store room)
8) styrofoam ball 30 cm in diameter ( the store ran out of styrofoam balls so i recycled an old styrofoam box with a sand paper and electric iron . well its not uniform but works for me . but u can use a styrofoam ball )

Step 10: Building the Mechanism !

1) just like Angelo i used an old plastic clothes hanger and melted the plastic to fuse with the the roll on deodorants ball bearing.
2) u may be needing around 5- 6 roll on deodorants
3) the pipe was very thin for the hub so i used some tape to make it of the appropriate size.
4) similarly i attached the plastic hub with the help of the tape to the pipe.
5) i measured the roll on deodorants triangle and cut out a circle of appropriate size and with help of super glue attached it on the hub.
the next step will be added soon so plz be patient and thanks !

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