Super Easy DIY Shelves With Polystyrene

When I purchased a new micro wave, I got my hands on some nice pieces of polystyrene inside the carton box. I felt that I shouldn't throw that in the waste but I should make some good use with it. So I finally came up with the idea of making some nice shelves with it.

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Step 1: Preparing the Shelves

First of all I cut any unwanted part and sanded the polystyrene lightly where required and then use some wood glue to cover the polystyrene so a to make it harder. Then I coated the polystyrene with several layers of paint.

And Tadaa!!! The shelves were ready to be installed.

Step 2: Gluing the Shelves

I used a glue gun to fix the shelves at the desired location.

I added these shelves in my daughter's room and she placed some of her toys on it. I must say, these easy to make shelves are a nice way to help kids organize and tidy up all those small toys.

And of course, these shelves are for light weight objects only!!!

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