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Introduction: Super Easy Delicious Beef Stew

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This a very easy, very tasty and fool proof beef stew for a lazy weekend afternoon. Serves 6 people and only requires 13 ingredients! and for a bit extra can be served with rice of your choosing.

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

All of these ingredients should already be in your pantry.
▪Tomato Paste (250g)
▪Vegatable Oil
▪Beef Stock/Broth (1 Litre)
▪White or Red Wine (2 Cups)
▪Water (2 Cups)
▪Large Onions (x2)
▪Medium Potato (x5)
▪Large Carrots (x6)
▪Plain Flour (1/2 Cup)
▪Garlic Cloves (x2)
▪Chuck Meat (1.5kg)

You're also going to need some basic tools.
▪Chefs Knife
▪Soup Pot
▪Frying Pan
▪Wooden Spoon
▪Vegatable Peeler

Step 2: Prepare the Vegatables

Cut your Potatoes into large approximately 1 inch pieces and do the same to the Carrots and Onions.
Cut or crush the 2 cloves of Garlic into fine pieces don't forget to peel them.
Your Chuck meat should be cut into 1 inch squares and have a a good amount of fat veins running through them.

Step 3: Caramelize the Meat

Add Roughly 1/8 inch oil to the Frying pan and caramelize the outside of the meat do not cook it through or it will diminish the flavour. When the meat is caramelized on the outside transfer it to the soup pot.

Step 4: Add the Liquids & Onions

Pour in the litre of Beef Stock along with 2 cups of Water and your favourite Wine then add half a bottle of tomato paste (~250g) and the Garlic.

With the help of either a friend or your mother have them sift the 1/2 cup of flour into the pot while you simultaneously stir to avoid the formation of clumps. The flour will help to make the stew less watery.

Step 5: Cooking

On a medium-high heat cook the meat and onions for 40-45minutes on a large burner stirring every 8 to 10 minutes make sure to taste everytime if it tastes to watery add Beef stock cubes,salt and more flour. Then add the the tomatoes and potatoes and cook until they are soft.
When the Vegatables are nearly done start on the rice if you choose so. Giving the stew time to cool down to a reasonable temperature l.

Step 6: Serve

just add some rice to a plate and scoop the stew ontop

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    Ginny Kay
    Ginny Kay

    4 years ago

    I will try it thank you.