Super Easy Doll Drinks

Introduction: Super Easy Doll Drinks

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This is a very easy, though slightly less realistic-looking method for creating drinks for your 15-18" dolls such as Hearts 4 Hearts, Disney, AmericanGirl, Madame Alexander, or Our Generation.

I have seen many variations of this type of doll drink creation. One of the sources for my take on it is the AmericanGirl book Fun WithYour Doll, pictured here.

No epoxies, acrylics, or paints needed. To show how simple this method is, my 5-year-old niece assisted me in the creations pictured. It took us about thirty minutes to make over 30 drinks.

Step 1: You Need

• pom-poms (small to medium)
• hot glue gun & sticks or other clear-drying glue
• Communion cups* or spray bottle caps
• OPTIONAL: coffee stirrers or other thin straws**, cut into 2-3 inch pieces

*I wash & repurpose the unused ones from my church's services but you can buy them on Amazon or church supply sites.

**Such as Capri-sun or juice-box straws

Step 2: Glue

Put a dollop of hot glue in the bottom of the cup.

I put it slightly off-center.

Step 3: Add Pom-pom

Add pom-pom and push it all the way to the bottom. A medium-sized one will fill the cup completely.

If you have the straws, push one in on the side of the pom-pom. I make sure the straw is in the glue also, which is why I put the glue in off-center.

***If you have small pom-poms, see Step 4.***

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Sno-cones or Layered Drinks

If you want, you can also create layered "parfait" drinks or sno-cone drinks using two or more pom-poms. This also works if you have small pom-poms that don't fill the cup completely.

For sno-cones, push small pom-pom in first. For layered drinks, push in small pom-oom of one color. For solid drinks, push in one pom-pom.

Add second dollop of glue on top of first pom-pom.

Push in next pom-pom. Repeat if needed.

A medium pom-pon will create the domed look of a sno-cone. 2-3 small pom-poms will create a layered look or a solid color drink.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Your dollies will have as many choices of drink as you can think of or have supplies to create!

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    3 years ago

    this is so cool! I have to try it! Just one question,

    Where do you buy communion cups?


    Reply 3 years ago

    sorry, just read the note.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute! You should enter this in the Rainbow Contest.